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101pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops. Complete with Wrenches, Socket Sets and More. All in a Tool Box Case

Step into the world of auto mechanics with this 101-piece kit. All the essential wrenches, sockets and more to make your garage or workshop complete. Everything you need is neatly packaged in a sleek storage case - time to get working!

- 101pc Tool Kit Set
- Thermoplastic Tool Box Carry Case
- ‎ 35 x 33 x 6.56cm
- 3.8kg / 8.27lbs
Notable Items:
- 37pc Socket Set and Accessories with 1pc Ratcheting Wrench Handle
- 32pc Driver Bit Set and Bit Handle
- 16pc Hex Key Set
- 2pc Pliers and Cutters
- 1pc Tyre Pressure Gauge

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