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149pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops. Complete with Full Wrenches, Socket Sets and More. All in a Tool Box Case

149 pieces of top-quality hand tools and accessories to help mechanics, garages, and workshops tackle any job. This set contains a variety of wrenches, socket sets, pliers as well as other excellent items--all in an easily transportable tool box case.

- 149pc Tool Kit Set
- Aluminium Tool Box Carry Case
- 49 x 38.5 x 17cm
- 12kg / 27.6lbs
Notable Items:
- 35pc Socket Set and Accessories with 2pc Ratcheting Wrench Handles
- 30pc Driver Bit Set with Bit Handle
- 4pc Full-Length Screwdrivers
- 8pc Combination Wrenches
- 16pc Extended Hex and Torx Key Wrenches
- 1pc Crescent Wrench
- 1pc Aluminium Torpedo Spirit Level
- 1pc Junior Hack Saw with 2pc Blades
- 9pc Pliers, Snips and Stripper Set including Clippers and Plumber’s/Water-Pump Pliers

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