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15pc Wood Chisel and Dovetail Saw Set with Try Square Level Ruler, Whetstone Honing Guide, Mallet and Much More for Wood Working and Carpentry. All in a Tool Box Case

This comprehensive set is the perfect tool kit for experienced and DIY carpenters alike. It contains 15 pieces, including a dovetail saw, try square level ruler, whetstone honing guide, mallet and more - all packaged in an attractive tool box case. Craftsmanship meets convenience with this cutting-edge collection!

- 15pc Wood Chisel Set
‎- ‎‎44.3 x 34.7 x 11.3cm
- 4.8kg
Notable Items:
- 1pc Pair of Work Gloves
- 1pc Dovetail Saw
- 1pc Try Square Level Ruler
- 1pc Blade Grinding Guide
- 1pc Box Set of 60pc Nails and Screws

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