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235pc Outdoor Camping Survival Multi Tool and Supplies Kit. Includes Mini Axe Multi Tool, Folding Shovel, First Aid Kit and Much More in a Tough Compact Fabric Pack

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with this complete survival kit! It packs over 235 items - from a mini axe multi-tool and folding shovel to first aid supplies - into one tough, compact fabric pack. Whether you are camping or need it in an emergency situation, the kit will keep you prepared at all times!

- 235pc Outdoor Camping Survival Multi Tool Kit
- Tough Fabric Bag Pack
- 26.4 x 21.9 x 14.4cm
- 1.8kg
Notable Items:
- Extensive First Aid Kit
- Folding Shovel and Knife
- Bright LED Flashlight/Torch

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