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247pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops. Complete with Wrenches, Socket Sets, Nut Drivers and More. All in a Tool Box Case

This top of the line 247pc Hand Tool Kit Set has everything an auto mechanic, garage worker or workshop enthusiast needs to get their job done right. It includes a wide array of wrenches, socket sets and nut drivers in one handy tool box case - giving you easy access to professional quality tools without having to purchase them separately.

- 247pc Socket Wrench Set
Notable Items:
- 3pc 1/4, 3/8 1/2” Ratcheting Wrench Handles
- 1pc Bit Driver Handle
- 12pc Combination Wrenches
- 114pc Sockets and Accessories
- 17pc Bit Sockets
- 44pc Driver Bits
- 15pc Nut Drivers
- 28pc Hex Key Wrenches

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