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1pc Grommet Pliers with 100pc Grommets
SKU: DT40387


Equipped with a set of 100 grommets, this tool simplifies the process of installing grommets in heavy fabrics and other materials. The user-friendly design ensures it's an ideal choice for various tasks, from enhancing shower curtains to reinforcing tote bags.

The tool's compact size, measuring 5-3/4 inches in length with a 3/4 inch jaw opening, combined with a built-in swing latch, makes it a reliable and efficient option. Its brass finish lends it an elegant look while the chrome steel construction guarantees durability.


SIMPLE FUNCTIONALITY – This grommet tool set is easy to use when it comes to installing grommets into heavy fabric or materials. It's not just about the convenience of having 100 grommets at hand, it's also about the ease of use that these pliers offer. The built-in swing latch holds the tool closed, enabling a secure grip and precise grommet installation.

TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS – Made from chrome steel, these grommet pliers promise durability and longevity, withstand numerous uses without compromising performance. The brass finish adds a touch of elegance to the tool, giving it a professional look that appeals to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

COMFORTABLE GRIP – The vinyl grip material ensures that using these pliers is as comfortable as possible. Even during long periods of usage, users will find these pliers easy to handle, thanks to the ergonomic design of the grips. This combination of comfort and functionality makes these grommet pliers a must-have tool.


• Grommet Pliers: Measuring 5-3/4 in. in length with a 3/4 in. jaw opening, made from chrome steel
• Grommets: Set includes 100 grommets of sizes ranging from 3/32 in. to 7/32 in., made from brass
• Grip Material: Handles covered with vinyl for comfortable use


-- Installing grommets onto heavy fabrics for making or repairing tents, offering durability and resistance to wear.
-- Enhancing shower curtains by installing grommets, improving their functionality and aesthetic appeal.
-- Reinforcing tote bags with grommets, increasing their carrying capacity and longevity.
-- Adding grommets to belts and shoes, providing a professional finish and enhancing their utility.
-- Ideal for craft projects that involve the use of grommets, expanding creative possibilities.

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