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37pc 1/8" (3mm) Letters and Numbers Metal Stamp Set
SKU: DT10249


Showcase creativity and personal style with this unique stamp set. Crafted from chrome vanadium steel, the set offers durability and precision, perfect for imprinting on various materials. The compact size of the storage box ensures easy storage and portability without compromising space.

This set is an essential tool for those who love to personalize their items. It includes 27 letters, a whimsy heart, the "&" symbol, and 9 number punches, providing a vast range of possibilities for customization. With its versatility, this set becomes a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional crafter.


QUALITY AND VERSATILITY – This stamp set is made from hardened and tempered high carbon steel, ensuring durability and precision. It includes 27 letters, a whimsy heart, the "&" symbol, and 9 number punches, which are all on a 1/8" (3mm) square shank for use as impact hammer bits. This allows users to create a variety of imprints on metal, plastic, wood, and leather, making it an excellent tool for personalizing jewelry and other items.

PRACTICAL AND CONVENIENT - The set is presented in a compact size box, making it easy to store and transport. Despite its small size, the set is comprehensive, offering a wide range of letter and number stamps. These are ideal for stamping names, numbers or personal IDs on different materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

HIGHLY DETAILED - Each punch in the set is 60mm in length, with a letter size of 3mm (1/8) and a letter depth of 1mm. The letters are in Arial font and all capitals, allowing for clear, readable imprints. The number 6 can also be used as a 9, further adding to the set's versatility. All these elements combined make this set a highly detailed tool for all stamping needs.


• 27 Letter Punches: Arial font, all capitals, letter size: 3mm (1/8), letter depth: 1mm.
• Whimsy Heart: A unique addition to the set for personalized designs.
• "&" Symbol: Allows for more intricate designs.
• 9 Number Punches: Sizes range from 0-8, with the 6 doubling as a 9.
• Material: Made of hardened and tempered high carbon steel for durability.
• Length: Each punch is 60mm long.
• Storage: Includes a compact plastic storage case for easy transportation and storage.


-- Personalizing jewelry pieces by stamping names, initials, or special dates.
-- Marking tools or equipment with personal IDs for easy identification.
-- Creating unique designs on leather goods, such as wallets or belts.
-- Imprinting decorative patterns on wooden items, like picture frames or boxes.
-- Customizing metal objects, like keychains or dog tags, for a personal touch.

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