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38pc Metric Sockets and Combination Wrenches Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT40449


This comprehensive tool kit set is a robust collection of metric sockets and combination wrenches. Its wide range of tools, from 1/2" drive 8-32mm metric sockets to 8-19mm combination wrenches, makes it an invaluable addition to any professional or DIY toolkit.

The kit also includes a selection of accessories such as a ratcheting wrench handle, a long sliding T-bar extension bar, and spark plug sockets. All these are neatly packed in a sturdy toolbox carry case, offering both convenience and portability.


VERSATILITY - The set includes a variety of metric sockets and combination wrenches, ensuring adaptability for a multitude of tasks. The 1/2" drive 6-point sockets range from 8mm to 32mm, making them suitable for various bolt sizes. Additionally, the 12-piece combination wrenches, featuring both open-ended and ring spanners, offer maximum flexibility for fastening and loosening applications.

CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each tool in this kit is meticulously crafted to provide superior performance. From the long sliding T-bar extension bar that offers extra torque when needed, to the 90-degree extension bar that allows for angled operation, every tool is designed for efficiency and durability. The inclusion of a ratcheting wrench handle ensures smooth and swift socket changes, speeding up work rates.

CONVENIENT - The set comes with a sturdy toolbox carry case, providing a convenient solution for storing and carrying the tools. The case is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all the tools, ensuring they are always ready for use, whether at home or on the go.


• 1/2" Drive Metric Sockets: Available in sizes ranging from 8mm to 32mm. Suitable for various bolt sizes.
• Combination Wrenches: Comes in sizes from 8mm to 19mm. Features both open-ended and ring spanner functionality.
• Long Sliding T-Bar Extension Bar: Offers extra torque when needed.
• 90-Degree Extension Bar: Allows for angled operation.
• Ratcheting Wrench Handle: Ensures smooth and swift socket changes.
• Spark Plug Sockets: Available in 16mm and 21mm sizes. Ideal for spark plug maintenance.
• Universal Joint: Provides flexibility in hard-to-reach areas.


-- Perfect for automotive repairs: The range of socket sizes and wrench types make it suitable for a wide array of automotive tasks.
-- Ideal for heavy-duty construction projects: The robust construction of the tools ensures they can withstand the rigours of heavy-duty work.
-- Great for home DIY projects: The versatility of the tools allows for tackling various home improvement tasks.
-- Excellent for machinery maintenance: The variety of tools can be used for maintaining and repairing machinery.
-- Handy for bicycle maintenance: The smaller sockets and wrenches are perfect for adjusting and fixing bicycles.

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