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3pc Cold Chisel Set with TPR Handles and Black Oxide Coating for Rust Resistance
SKU: DT10264


Constructed from alloy steel, these high-performance chisels promise striking strength. Their black oxide coating stands guard against rust, ensuring durability and longevity. The injection-molded TPR handles offer a non-slip and comfortable grip for seamless operations.

Designed for a wide array of tasks, from mechanics to woodworking, these tools are perfect for both professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. Their protective guard and non-slip handles ensure safety and comfort during use.


SUPERIOR STRENGTH - Alloy steel construction ensures striking strength, enabling these chisels to withstand the tests of time, pressure, and repeated use. They're perfect for your shop, barn, garage, home, warehouse, or construction site.

RUST-RESISTANT - Each tool features a black oxide coating, which offers excellent rust-resistance. This means they're not just durable, but also reliable for long-term use, even in challenging environments.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - The injection-molded TPR handles provide a non-slip and comfortable grip. This, coupled with the protective guard, shields against accidental strikes, ensuring safety and comfort during use.


• Material: Alloy steel, black oxide coating for rust resistance
• Handle: Injection-molded TPR handles for non-slip comfortable holding
• Sizes: 3 x Cold Flat Chisels in 1/2", 3/4", 1" sizes, designed to cut, split, break and shape workpieces.


-- Automotive Maintenance: Ideal for mechanics needing to cut through or reshape metal parts, the rust-resistant coating ensures longevity even in harsh environments.

-- Metalworking Projects: These chisels are perfect for artists and fabricators working with metal, providing precision in splitting and shaping materials.

-- Construction Demolition Tasks: Construction workers can rely on these chisels for small-scale demolition tasks, appreciating the durable alloy steel for tough jobs.

-- Woodworking Precision: DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers will find the non-slip TPR handles useful for detailed wood shaping and cutting tasks.

-- Masonry Detailing: Suitable for masons needing to chisel away or refine stone and concrete details, offering strength and control for precise work.

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