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3pc Torpedo Spirit Level Set. 9", 16" & 24"
SKU: DT10700


A craftsman's toolkit is incomplete without a reliable and accurate level. These three spirit levels, varying in size from 9" to 24", offer just that, with the added advantage of a magnetic feature in the 9" model. Designed with smooth sides and a sturdy box beam frame, these levels are both lightweight and robust.

The unique slim form of the 9" level adds to its appeal, making it ideal for compact spaces. The set includes easy-to-read high-visibility green bubbles for clear and intuitive readings at a glance, ensuring accuracy and precision in every project.


PRECISION AT ITS BEST - With this trio of spirit levels, accurate measurements are guaranteed. Each level features a milled measuring surface with vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree vials. The high-visibility green bubbles are clear and intuitive, offering precise calibrations for any construction or renovation task.

HEAVY-DUTY YET LIGHTWEIGHT - Despite their heavy-duty function, these levels boast a lightweight design. The 16" and 24" levels feature a strong box beam frame with smooth sides, while the 9" level comes in a slim, metal casing. All are exceptionally sturdy, promising longevity and reliable use.

MAGNETIC ADVANTAGE - The 9" torpedo spirit level stands out with its three strong button magnets. This magnetic feature makes it a versatile tool for various applications, including construction, civil engineering, and agriculture, enabling hands-free use on metal surfaces.


• 9" Torpedo Spirit Level: Light metal, magnetic base.
• 16" Box Beam Spirit Level: Lightweight, box beam frame design.
• 24" Box Beam Spirit Level: Lightweight, box beam frame design.


-- Ensuring level installation of cabinets and shelves, providing a professional finish.
-- Checking the level of door and window frames during installation, ensuring perfect alignment.
-- Verifying the level and pitch of drainage pipes, preventing water pooling and promoting efficient drainage.
-- Checking the level of concrete forms during construction, ensuring structural integrity.
-- Aligning agricultural structures, such as fences or posts, ensuring stability and accuracy.

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