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4pc Wood Chisel Set with Durable PVC High Impact Handle
SKU: DT10262


Crafted from drop-forged chrome-vanadium steel, these chisels are built to last. Heat treatment ensures edge retention, offering a reliable tool for every woodworking project. The handle, made of shock-resistant PVC, is designed for high impact, promising durability and comfort in every grip.

A bevel edge makes these chisels versatile across all types of wood - soft, hard, and laminated. Complete with blade-tip guards for storage protection.


DURABILITY AND PRECISION - These chisels are forged from chrome-vanadium steel, known for its durability. They're heat-treated to retain their sharpness, giving you a reliable tool for all your woodworking needs.

VERSATILITY IN DESIGN - With a bevel edge, these chisels are perfect for a variety of tasks. Whether you're working with soft wood, hard wood, or laminated wood products, these chisels are up to the task.

COMFORTABLE AND SAFE - The handles are made from PVC, known for its resilience against high impact. Along with the full-length blade guard, this set ensures safety without compromising on comfort. A thin machine-oil coating on the blades ensures smooth cuts and provides a layer of protection.


• Material: Drop forged chrome-vanadium steel blade, heat treated for edge retention
• Handle: PVC high impact handle, size 7-5/8" x 1-1/16"
• Sizes: Chisels come in 1/4"(6mm),1/2''(12mm), 3/4''(19mm), 1''(25mm) sizes, all with a full length blade guard for safety.


-- Intricate Woodworking Projects: The varied sizes of chisels are perfect for detail-oriented crafts, appealing to artisans who require precision in their work.

-- Furniture Restoration: The durable PVC handles and strong steel blades make these chisels ideal for restoring old furniture, attracting enthusiasts of vintage pieces.

-- Cabinetry and Joinery: Professionals in cabinetry will appreciate the bevel edge for its versatility in creating clean joints and intricate designs on various wood types.

-- Sculpting and Carving: Artists and sculptors can utilize the fine edges for detailed carving, making it a go-to tool for creative woodworking endeavors.

-- DIY Home Projects: The shock-resistant handles and comprehensive size range offer comfort and flexibility for homeowners tackling their own woodwork modifications or repairs.

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4pc Wood Chisel Set with Durable PVC High Impact Handle
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