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5pc All-Purpose Scissors Set
SKU: DT30355


A versatile collection of scissors that promises to cater to diverse needs. Each pair is meticulously crafted from stainless steel, promising clean and consistent cuts every time. The variety pack includes a mix of angled and straight handle scissors, along with a precision pair, each designed to seamlessly tackle different tasks.

Comfort in use is a standout feature with each pair boasting double-injected grip handles. This thoughtful design aspect ensures an effortless cutting experience, regardless of the task at hand. A set that combines practicality and comfort, it is a must-have in any tool collection.


TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS – Crafted from precision ground stainless steel, these scissors promise durability and sharpness. The material choice ensures these scissors can withstand rigorous use without rusting or losing their edge. The clean, consistent cuts they deliver make them a reliable choice for various tasks.

COMFORT AND VERSATILITY - With double-injected comfort grips, these scissors are designed with user comfort in mind. The grips ensure a comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended periods of use. The set includes a mix of angled and straight handle scissors, as well as a precision pair, each catering to a unique need. Whether it's a simple paper cutting job or a more complex crafting task, this set has it covered.

A SET FOR EVERY ROOM - Given the range of sizes and types, this set of scissors is versatile enough to find utility in every room. Be it the kitchen, the craft room, or the garage, these scissors are up to the task. Their unmatched versatility and durability make them an indispensable addition to any home or professional tool kit.


• 2pc 4-1/4 in. & 5-1/4in - Angled Handle Scissors: Made from precision ground stainless steel, Features: Double-injected comfort grips, angled design for specific cutting tasks.
• 2pc 3-3/4 in. & 4-3/4in - Straight Handle Scissors: Material: Precision ground stainless steel, Features: Double-injected comfort grips, straight design for diverse cutting needs.
• 1pc 3 in. - Precision Straight Handle Scissors: Material: Precision ground stainless steel, Features: Double-injected comfort grips, precision design for intricate cutting tasks.


-- Kitchen Use: The straight handle scissors are perfect for food preparation tasks like cutting herbs or opening food packaging.
-- Crafting: The precision scissors offer accurate cuts for intricate crafting projects.
-- Office Tasks: The straight handle scissors can be used for everyday office tasks like cutting paper or opening envelopes.
-- Gardening: The angled handle scissors are ideal for trimming small plants or cutting twine.
-- DIY Projects: The robust nature of the scissors makes them suitable for various DIY tasks, such as cutting fabric or light materials.

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