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6pc Chisels with Hammer Drill SDS Plus Shanks for Tiles, Masonry, Concrete and Stone
SKU: DT10270


Unleash your demolition potential with this versatile 6-piece chisel set, featuring everything from a tile chisel to a scaling chisel. Ideal for working on a variety of materials, this kit is perfect for tackling anything from ceramic tiles to concrete and masonry.

Fits seamlessly into any SDS Plus hammer drill, this chisel set promises compatibility across different manufacturers. Crafted for tight, non-slip usage, these tools promise high torsion resistance and extended service life.


QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Constructed from high-grade 40Cr chromium steel, each piece in this set has been drop-forged and heat-treated for optimal strength and corrosion resistance. This heavy-duty construction guarantees long-lasting durability, even under challenging conditions.

VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - With six different types of chisels included, this set is designed for a range of applications. Whether it's large-area scaling, precise edge work, tile removal, or groove cutting, changing bits is quick and convenient, making it easier than ever to handle different demolition jobs.

SUPERIOR COMPATIBILITY - The SDS Plus shanks ensure these drill bits fit perfectly into any SDS Plus hammer drill, regardless of the manufacturer. This universality, combined with non-slip handles, ensures reliable, comfortable use every time.


• Tile Chisel: Ideal for removing tiles; reinforced 10" blade
• Grooving Chisel: Perfect for cutting grooves in surfaces; reinforced 10" blade
• Scrapping Chisel: Made for scrapping off material; reinforced 10" blade
• Flat Chisel: Useful for general chiseling and demolition work; reinforced 10" blade
• Point Chisel: Designed for precise chiseling; reinforced 10" blade
• Scaling Chisel: Ideal for large-area scaling; reinforced 10" blade


-- DIY Home Makeovers: The tile chisel is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts looking to easily refresh their kitchens or bathrooms by removing old tiles.

-- Precision Electrical Work: Electricians will appreciate the grooving chisel for its ability to create clean channels for wiring, enhancing installation efficiency.

-- Surface Prep Perfection: Decorators and renovators can rely on the scrapping chisel for smooth surface preparation, ensuring a flawless finish for paint or plaster.

-- Effortless Demolition: The robust flat and point chisels are essential for construction professionals tackling demolition or structural alterations with precision.

-- Comprehensive Cleaning Tasks: Maintenance teams will find the scaling chisel invaluable for large-scale surface cleaning, from rust removal to smoothing out concrete.

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6pc Chisels with Hammer Drill SDS Plus Shanks for Tiles, Masonry, Concrete and Stone
SKU: DT10270

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