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6pc Clear Acetate Handle Square Shank SAE Screwdriver Set
SKU: DT40346


Experience the perfect blend of functionality and comfort with this six-piece screwdriver set. Each tool in the collection features a chromium-vanadium alloy shank, designed to provide extra torque strength and resist rust. The classic acetate handles offer a sure grip and total control, making any task seem effortless.

Making the right selection is a breeze with color-coded handles. Each screwdriver is clearly identifiable, minimizing confusion and saving precious time. Laser-etched labels on the shanks and markings on the handle top further simplify the process, ensuring that the right tool is always within reach.


EXEMPLARY DURABILITY - Each screwdriver in this six-piece set boasts a chromium-vanadium alloy shank. This material ensures extra torque strength and offers resistance to rust. Whether for DIY projects at home or professional tasks at the construction site, these screwdrivers promise unmatched durability and longevity.

SURE GRIP AND CONTROL - Classic acetate handles are designed to provide a sure grip and total control. The Slotted/Flat screwdrivers even have milled ends for non-slip turning, making them reliable companions for any project. Additionally, all tips are magnetized, adding another layer of convenience when working with screws.

EFFORTLESS SELECTION - Time spent searching for the right tool can be better utilized completing the task. This set addresses that by offering no-fuss screwdriver selection with color-coded handles. Laser-etched labels on the shanks and markings on the handle top further aid in quick identification, making these tools not only functional but also user-friendly


• 6 Piece Screwdriver Set: Contains popular drive types (Slotted/Flat, Phillips) in standard SAE sizes.
• Material: Chromium-vanadium alloy shanks ensure extra torque strength and rust-resistance.
• Handles: Classic acetate handles offer a sure grip and total control.
• Special Features: Slotted/Flat screwdrivers have milled ends for non-slip turning. All tips are magnetized.
• Identification: Color-coded handles, laser-etched labels on the shanks, and markings on handle top for easy tool selection.


-- Furniture Assembly: The variety of drive types caters to different screws used in furniture assembly.
-- Electronics Repair: The precision and magnetized tips make these screwdrivers ideal for handling delicate electronics.
-- DIY Home Projects: The easy-to-identify markings on each screwdriver make this set a go-to tool for various home projects.
-- Professional Use: The high-quality materials and comfortable grip cater to the high demands of professionals in various fields.
-- Automotive Repairs: The torque strength provided by the chromium-vanadium alloy makes these screwdrivers suitable for automotive applications.

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