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6pc Mini Pliers Set - Long, Bent, Needle Nose, Diagonal, End Cut, Combination
SKU: DT40370


Presenting a comprehensive toolkit designed to cater to a range of everyday needs, from precision instrument installation to intricate jewellery crafting. The set includes six mini pliers, each tailored for specific tasks, ensuring optimal performance in narrow locations and precision works.

The toolkit's unique offering lies in its bent nose pliers, which are perfect for manoeuvring in tight spaces and working around obstructions. Alongside the practicality of the tools, they come with a sturdy storage bag for easy transportation and safekeeping, making this set an essential addition to any toolbox.


VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL - This toolkit promises a wide array of applications, catering to daily needs and precision tasks. Whether it's repairing phones, cutting steel wires, or creating jewellery, this set of pliers offers a solution. The long nose, bent nose, and needle nose pliers are all designed for precise control in narrow spaces and detailed work.

BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE - The set comes complete with a robust carrying bag, fitting perfectly into toolboxes, car compartments, or lockers. The convenient storage option ensures the tools are always on hand when required, making it an ideal choice for those who value organization and efficiency.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Each plier features spring-loaded bi-material TPR handles, specifically designed to prevent grip fatigue and enhance control. The ergonomic design ensures the tools will not slip during use, providing users with comfort and confidence as they work on their projects.


• 5" Combination Pliers: Mainly for straightening or bending wire into shape.
• 4.5” Diagonal Cutting Pliers: Perfect for cutting metal wires or copper wires.
• 5” Needle Nose Pliers: Ideal for gripping tiny objects or using in narrow places.
• 6” Long Nose Pliers: Suitable for straightening or bending wire into shape.
• 5” Bent Nose Pliers: Bent angled tip perfect for grabbing, holding, shaping, twisting and pulling in all directions.
• 4.5” End Cutting Pliers: Ideal for cutting metal wires or copper wires.


-- Precision Instrument Installation: The toolkit's range of pliers are ideal for working on precision instruments in narrow locations.
-- Jewellery Crafting: The detailed control offered by the pliers makes them perfect for intricate jewellery making.
-- Phone Repairs: The needle nose pliers and long nose pliers provide the precision required for phone repairs.
-- Wire Cutting: The diagonal cutting pliers and end cutting pliers are excellent for cutting metal or copper wires.
-- Metal Shaping: The combination pliers and bent nose pliers can be used for bending and shaping metal.

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