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6pc Wood Rasp File Set. Includes Round, Half-Round and Flat Rasps in a Tool Box Tray Case
SKU: DT10149


Craftsmanship requires the right tools, and for those who work with wood, a set of reliable rasps is essential. These hand tools are designed to shape and smooth complex curves efficiently, making them ideal for various woodworking projects. The set includes six distinct pieces, offering versatility for different applications.

Each rasp in the set is designed for durability and performance. The rasps feature two types—coarse for aggressive stock removal and medium for subtle refinements. With comfortable contoured handles and a rubberized grip, these tools ensure superior control, contributing to a smooth and precise woodworking experience.


DURABLE AND EFFICIENT - The rasps are made from tough carbon steel, a material known for its durability and resistance to wear. This ensures that they can withstand the rigors of regular use while maintaining their efficiency. The coarse teeth on the rasps allow for rapid shaping, making them perfect for aggressive stock removal.

COMFORTABLE AND CONTROLLED - Woodworking requires precision and control, and these rasps deliver exactly that. The contoured handles are comfortable to hold, reducing user fatigue during extended periods of use. Additionally, the handles feature a thermoplastic rubber overmold, providing a sure grip for enhanced control during operation.

VERSATILE SHAPING TOOLS - With round, half-round, and flat shapes included in the set, these rasps cater to a variety of applications. Whether it's creating complex curves on furniture legs or refining the rough stages of a carving, these tools have got you covered. They come with a fitted storage case, ensuring easy storage and protection, keeping the rasps in top condition for future use.


• Carbon Steel Rasps: Durable and efficient for fast stock removal.
• Contoured Handles: Comfortable to hold and reduce user fatigue.
• Thermoplastic Rubber Overmold: Provides a sure grip for enhanced control.
• Round Rasps (2): Ideal for creating round shapes and contours.
• Half-Round Rasps (2): Perfect for shaping convex and concave surfaces.
• Flat Rasps (2): Suitable for flattening or smoothing surfaces.
• Coarse Teeth: Allow for aggressive stock removal.
• Medium Teeth: Ideal for subtle refinements and smoothing.
• Fitted Storage Case: Ensures easy storage and protection of the rasps.


-- Shaping Furniture Legs: The rasps are perfect for creating complex curves on furniture legs, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
-- Carving Projects: The set is suitable for the rough stages of carving, providing a solid foundation before using chisels for finer details.
-- Refining Wood Surfaces: The medium teeth on the rasps can be used to smooth and refine wood surfaces, improving their texture and appearance.
-- DIY Home Decor: These rasps can be used in DIY home decor projects, allowing users to create unique wooden pieces.
-- Woodworking Classes: The versatility and ease-of-use of these tools make them ideal for teaching woodworking skills in a class setting.

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