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7pc Mr 7-Hands Screwdriver Multi Tool. Includes Built-In Flashlight
SKU: DT40361


Experience the convenience of multiple screwdriver tips in one compact tool. This innovative design keeps eight common screwdriver bits ready for use, ensuring they're never misplaced. The tool also features an integrated work light, illuminating dark spaces and making work easier.

The unique folding arm design is patented and ensures a seamless transition between uses. Each arm folds down and clicks into the body of the tool when not in use and locks into an upright position for operation. This compact size makes the tool easy to store in various locations, from kitchen drawers to glove compartments.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - The tool hosts eight of the most commonly used screwdriver tips, including ¼” Slotted, 3/16” Slotted, 1/8” Slotted, #2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, and #0 Phillips. Additionally, it features a mini Slotted and mini Phillips screwdriver, perfect for intricate tasks such as glass repairs or small toy screws.

ILLUMINATING EXPERIENCE - A powerful LED flashlight is integrated into the design. This feature is particularly useful in dark spaces where visibility is limited. It requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and adds an extra layer of convenience to this versatile tool.

COMPACT YET POWERFUL - Despite its small size, the tool offers a range of functionalities. Its compact design makes it easy to store, ensuring it's always on hand when needed. Whether kept in a kitchen drawer, glove compartment, toolbox, or RV, it proves handy in a variety of scenarios


• Screwdriver Tips: Includes ¼” Slotted, 3/16” Slotted, 1/8” Slotted, #2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, and #0 Phillips.
Key Features: Versatility, Compactness
• Mini Screwdrivers: Features a mini Slotted and mini Phillips screwdriver.
Key Features: Precision, Compactness
• Work Light: Integrated LED flashlight for use in dark spaces. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).


-- Home Repairs: The variety of screwdriver tips makes it ideal for various home repair tasks.
-- Professional Use: The compact design and range of functionalities meet the demands of professionals in different fields.
-- Toy Assembly: The mini screwdrivers are perfect for assembling small toy screws.
-- Working in Dark Spaces: The integrated work light is particularly useful when working in dark spaces.
-- Travel: Its compact size makes it a handy tool to carry in an RV or car for on-the-go repairs

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