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7pc Pliers, Cutters, Screwdrivers & Wrench Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT30137


Exceeding expectations in home repairs and installations, this inclusive tool kit is a true embodiment of versatility and convenience. It's designed to empower both novices and experienced DIY enthusiasts with the ability to tackle a broad spectrum of tasks with ease and precision.

The kit's comprehensive selection of tools, from pliers to wrenches, ensures that every minor or major home project can be handled with efficiency. Whether it's adjusting fixtures, dealing with plumbing, or simply tightening a loose bolt, this set is an invaluable addition to any home toolbox.


ALL-ROUND VERSATILITY - This toolkit offers a wide array of applications, from installing fixtures and fastening nuts, bolts, and pipes, to more complex tasks. The convenience of having all necessary tools in one compact kit eliminates the need for multiple toolboxes, facilitating efficient task management.

EFFICIENT DESIGN - Equipped with a large crescent wrench and two screwdrivers, the set allows effortless tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts. These tools ensure every job is tackled with ease, saving time and energy on projects.

PRACTICAL PLUMBING - The toolkit features plumber's pliers with adjustable slip-joint jaws, ideal for secure grip on pipes and fasteners. This tool simplifies plumbing tasks, making it possible for even beginners to handle DIY plumbing issues without professional help.


• Full-Size Screwdrivers: 2 pieces (102mm Long. Slot/Flat 6.35mm; Phillips PH2) - For tightening and loosening common household screws.
• Long Nose Pliers: Compact size - for accessing small or awkward spaces.
• Combination Pliers: Plier jaws for gripping, holding, twisting, turning - pipe grip with serrated jaws for pipes, thick cable, nuts and bolts.
• Diagonal Cutters: Thick sharpened blades - for cutting wires, cables, and nails.
• Plumber's Pliers: Adjustable slip-joint widens toughened knurled jaws (up to 45mm/1-3/4in) - for holding and turning large nuts, bolts, taps, and pipe fittings.
• Crescent Wrench: Adjustable jaws open to 25.4mm/1in - for turning various nuts and bolts.
• Roll-up Tool Bag: Splash-proof and hard-wearing fabric weave - for easy storage and transport.
• Material: Heat-treated Chromium-Vanadium Steel - hardened strength, corrosion resistance.


-- Fixtures and Fittings Installation: The comprehensive set of tools allows for efficient installation of fixtures and fittings.
-- Nuts, Bolts, and Pipes Fastening: The included wrench and screwdrivers make tightening and loosening of nuts, bolts, and pipes a breeze.
-- Plumbing Tasks: The plumber's pliers with adjustable slip-joint jaws provide a secure grip on pipes and fasteners.
-- Wire and Cable Work: The diagonal pliers/cutters are perfect for precise cutting and snipping of wires and cables.
-- General Household Repairs: The wide range of tools in the kit enables users to handle a variety of common household repairs.

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