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8pc Glass Scrapers, Utility Knives and Box Cutter
SKU: DT10732


A versatile suite of tools designed for a multitude of tasks, this 8-piece set is perfect for any setting - be it home, garage, or workplace. The assortment includes retractable blade utility knives and scrapers in various sizes, all featuring a snap-off design for convenience and safety.

Each tool in the set is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring reliable performance across a wide range of applications. From cutting to scraping, this collection of high-quality tools is ready to tackle the most challenging tasks with ease.


VERSATILITY UNMATCHED – This comprehensive set brings together an array of high-grade tools, each designed to fulfill a specific need. The snap-off retractable blade utility knives are perfect for precise cuts, while the robust scrapers effortlessly remove stubborn residues. Regardless of the task, this set equips the user with the right tool.

SHARP CUTTING – Made to be sharp and precise. The simple construction and durable materials ensure longevity, allowing these tools to withstand use in diverse settings. Be it a complex DIY project or everyday household chores, this set promises DIY performance every time.

CONVENIENT AND SAFE – Safety and convenience are at the heart of this set’s design. The snap-off feature allows for easy blade changes, while the retractable design ensures safe storage and transport. The inclusion of different sized tools caters to a wide range of tasks, making this set a must-have for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.


• Snap-Off Knife (Small): Retractable blade for safety, compact size for precise cuts.
• Snap-Off Knife (Large): Retractable blade, larger size for robust tasks.
• Snap-Off Knife (Medium): Versatile size, retractable blade for diverse cutting needs.
• Snap-Off Knife (Mini): Compact and portable, easy blade replacement.
• Retractable Utility Knife: Versatile tool for a range of cutting tasks, retractable blade for safety.
• Retractable Safety Scraper: Blade retracts for safe storage, effective for stubborn residues.
• Utility Scraper: Robust design for heavy-duty scraping, comfortable grip for ease of use.
• Mini Box Cutter: Ideal for opening packages, compact size for portability.


-- Precision Cutting: The snap-off knives with their sharp blades are perfect for precise cutting tasks.
-- Residue Removal: The robust scrapers in the set can effectively remove stubborn residues.
-- Safe Storage: The retractable design of the tools ensures safe storage and transport.
-- Variety of Tasks: The different sizes and types of tools cater to a wide range of tasks.
-- Package Opening: The mini box cutter is ideal for safely and efficiently opening packages.

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