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Your Best Wood Carving Tools Manufacturer in China

Choose from a Wide Range of Quality Wood Carving Tools

Well-made tools make craftwork a pleasure, so beginners or expert craft-persons alike need the best sets from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Sharp and durable, our specialized craft tool sets include everything required for fine clean cuts or precise detailing.

A Manufacturer and Supplier of Wood Carving Tools

Diversitech Global Manufacturing is a leading Hand & Power Tools Manufacturer and Supplier based in China. With over 20 years of industry experience of working with all levels of suppliers, purchasers and retailers, they have produced over 30 million tools for companies all around the world.


Their expertise extends from product design and development to manufacturing and packaging. Highly respected by renowned retailer brands worldwide, they offer fully customised OEM toolkit solutions backed-up by quality, innovation and competitive costs.


How long has Diversitech Global Manufacturing been in business?

With over 20 years of industry experience, Diversitech Global Manufacturing has produced over 30 million tools for renowned retail companies all around the world.  


How can I be sure that I am getting a quality products?

We have certifications, such as ISO 9001, that regulate our business and supply processes. Additionally, products have been tested and evaluated to meet industry and regulatory standards, such as UL Certification for electrical components.

Does Diversitech offer customised private label OEM tool solutions?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering fully customised OEM toolkit solutions to meet our clients' needs for private label branding.

Are competitive costs available with your services?

At Diversitech we strive to provide competitive prices while still maintaining the highest level of service and quality standards possible. 

Do you have flexible branding and packaging options?

Yes, we offer a range of different branding and packaging options tailored to meet individual customers’ needs in order to best suit their requirements.

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