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Case Study: Apollo Tools

A Local Charity & Cause Marketing Case Study

Apollo Tools - An Idea For Positive Change

Rooted in the heart of Massachusetts, Apollo Tools Ltd. embodies the vision of its founder, Eliot Beal, a dedicated American veteran from Scituate, MA. With a strategic setup spanning from its headquarters in Massachusetts to a logistical hub in Minnesota, Apollo Tools has evolved into a premier provider of home and garden tools across the United States.

In a strategic partnership with Diversitech Global, Apollo Tools pioneered a unique line of pink-styled DIY tools, setting a new standard in the tool industry. This initiative also represented a personal commitment to contribute to a cause greater than itself. With each purchase, Apollo Tools pledged a donation to breast cancer research charities, turning each transaction into an act of solidarity and support.

Since initiating this pledge in 2009, Apollo Tools has contributed well over $1.5 million dollars in donations, demonstrating a sustained commitment to making a difference beyond the confines of the business world.

When, in the late 2000s, Eliot's two closest friends lost their wives to breast cancer, he was inspired to act in memory of them. Though there is great awareness in the importance and necessities of regular breast screening, breakthroughs in research for an absolute cure are still crucial. 

Apollo Tools strives to create the best possible tool kit products and to do so ethically and honorably. With that in mind, the notion for creating a line of pink tools and partnering with charities and foundations to raise research funding emerged.

The choosing of "Pretty Pink Tools" was not simply a ploy towards female consumers, but moreover, clear support for a colour that now represents commitment to finding a treatment against breast cancer. 

So, the next step was to find a development and manufacturing partner that could deliver on Eliot's ideas - Diversitech Global.

Apollo pink precision tools line

Apollo Tools partnered with Diversitech Global to make a difference.

An Idea For Positive Change

Apollo tools established a committed partnership with Diveristech Global

We developed a range of pink tools to support Apollo's cause.

Working closely with Diversitech Global, Eliot could trust over 20 years of developing and delivering customised OEM tool kits for well-known high street and global online retailers. 

Established manufacturing processes satisfied his requirements for high-qualities in both materials and manufacturing. Modern methods such as laser cutting, automatic surface plating, and plastic injection were used to ensure tight specifications could be met. 

Eliot's promises to his customers of a life time warranty could be fulfilled by rigorous testing against global industry standards for material hardness, torque, finish and usability.

Outstanding Product Design 

Product designers infused the stylised pink hue into the tools, packaging, and inserts, balancing eye-catching design with ergonomic practicality. This deliberate choice served a dual purpose: enhancing product appeal while clearly spotlighting Apollo Tool's commitment to charity.

A Committed Partnership


A Meaningful Contribution

Apollo Tools has donated over $1.5 million to breast cancer research via two organizations since its manufacturing partnership with Diversitech Global in 2009. 

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for products sold in the U.S. and ReThink Breast Cancer for products sold in Canada. Over 20,000 hours of medical research have been funded through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation thus far. 

They stand out on Amazon as a leading provider of Home DIY hand and power tools, with hundreds of products consistently making the best sellers lists. Their offerings, which receive thousands of reviews and maintain an average star rating in the high 4.7s, underscore their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Their Pink Tools range is a favourite among Amazon's Tools & Home Improvement categories, priced equally to their regular lines. Each product listing is transparent about the charitable donation made from every purchase, reflecting their dedication to making a meaningful difference.

Apollo tools for breast cancer

$1.4M Donated to breast cancer research

Apollo tools Amazon

Apollo tools are often featured as Amazon Choice Products

Apollo tool Amazon Review

Apollo tools have seen consistent 5-star reviews on Amazon 

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