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Case Study: Mamba Grinders™

Product Innovation & Manufacturing

"The Perfect Grind. Every Time." is the mantra of the Mamba Team's innovative herb grinding designs. Begun as a small Kick Starter project, they had designed a portable battery grinder to unlock a herb’s flavour, distinctive aroma, and potency - all at the push of a button. To bring their exciting concepts to full market realization, Mamba turned to Diversitech Global for their expertise in product development and manufacturing.


Mamba, as a brand, is characterized by its vigor and ambition, aiming to resonate with an audience that is deeply entrenched in the social media landscape.


With this demographic in focus, our graphic design team embarked on redefining Mamba's logo. The result was a more pronounced and visually appealing version that accurately reflects Mamba's brand essence.

Design Stage

Mamba old Logo

Original Mamba logo

Mamba new logo

New re-crafted Mamba logo

Product Design

Mamba initially focused on manual hand grinding but identified a market need for an automatic, motorized grinder to facilitate faster and easier grinding, especially beneficial for users with hand mobility issues.

Diversitech Global's team enhanced Mamba's prototype with innovations like razor-sharp teeth in the grinding heads for smoother cuts leading to an extended battery life.

Furthermore, they introduced a two-way Rocker Switch for intuitive operation and to prevent material jams. This greatly simplified grinding operation for users affected by physical ailments in hand usage.

Beginning with the Mamba Original, Diversitech Global has helped develop a range of models featuring USB charging, increased grinding torque, higher loading capacity, and a cone-holder accessory kit.

Mamba Designer

The Mamba Grinder design from concept to final production  

Mamba manufacturing

Mamba Grinders being made from aircraft grade aluminum

Mamba had access to all modern manufacturing processes, thanks to Diversitech's network of fully owned and joint venture production facilities. 

This included: 

  • Computer controlled cutting of aircraft grade aluminium for the grinding heads.

  • Efficient power supply designs for USB charging of the Li-ion batteries.

  • Using high-quality poly-carbonate plastic for the distinctive clear-cone pouring spout.

  • ISO Certified and 3rd Party Testing Support, Testing Protocol Creation, and CA Prop 65 Compliance.

Manufacturing Stage

Packaging and Merchandise Stage

Mamba utilizes two selling channels: online with Amazon, and bricks and mortar retail. Both have specific packaging requirements.


We ensured Amazon's guidelines for "brown box" external packaging for storage at warehouse fulfillment centres and safe doorstep delivery were followed. 


For on-the-shelf retail, our dedicated designers and packaging team developed an outstanding Retail Visual Identity with bold colours, strong type-facing, and cut-out packaging for tactile feedback. 


Diversitech Global's dedicated packaging facilities include Structural Packaging Design, Free Standing Display Units Designs, POP & POS Merchandising Displays and Line Extensions.  

Mamba Grinder Green

Mamba's Amazon compliant packaging

Mamba Grinder Green

Mamba's Retailer- compliant packaging

Warehousing and Logistics Stage

With the goal of offering goods in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Mamba turned to us for procurement, distribution, and chain-supply management. 

Working closely with our back-office purchasing and delivery staff, we provided Mamba order and sales forecast planning, prompt reviews, and stock adjustments. 

Our worldwide distribution centers employ dedicated warehouse teams to store and consolidate mixed containers, as well as provide freight and logistical assistance. 

Mamba Warehousing and Logistics

We provided warehousing and logistics services for Mamba to make sure the grinders were delivered on time to customers


Marketing Solutions Stage

Mamba's branding and marketing required the aspects of being a fun, shared lifestyle product yet still being practical for herb grinding. Everything needed for a successful launch to market was supplied by Diversitech Goblas strategic marketing experts. 

We created stunning marketing videos that match their brand identity 

The journey to elevate Mamba's market presence began with an omni-channel marketing strategy, focusing on website and visual brand identity improvements. Our team, equipped with graphic designers, photographers, and videographers, produced captivating visuals and high-quality video content.

Digital marketing experts expanded Mamba's reach by collaborating with influencers and engaging social media lifestyle communities. SEO and PPC specialists worked to enhance search engine visibility and rankings.

In-house writers developed compelling content for e-commerce, the website, social media, product brochures, and manuals, ensuring a consistent narrative across all platforms. 

Mamba Marketing solutions stage

Appealing images punctuated with striking text ensure Mamba's Amazon product listings stand out

Mamba website

Our team crafted a website that catches the eye and resonate with viewers, bringing the essence of Mamba to life


Over the past five years, Mamba has solidified its reputation as a successful Amazon seller, boasting annual sales exceeding $2 million and recording hundreds of unit sales weekly on a global scale.

Their footprint extends beyond Amazon to include partnerships with notable high-street specialist retailers such as Smoke Cartel, Wish, eBay, and Etsy, further broadening their retail presence.

Mamba's offerings regularly secure spots in the Top 10 of Amazon's Best Seller Kitchen categories, a testament to their popularity and quality. Customer feedback, reflected in thousands of reviews, consistently rates their products with 4 or 5 stars, highlighting customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Mamba's products have garnered attention in media reviews by prominent brands like hibnb, RUFFHOUSE STUDIOS, THE HIGHRISE, and MACDIZZLE, showcasing their industry recognition and appeal.

Mamba's Amazon Growth Graph

Mamba's Amazon Growth Graph

Mamba Girnder with over 1500 reviews on Amazon

Since its launch Mamba has produced over a thousand  5 star reviews on Amazon

Mamba with lots of 5 star review

These consistent 5-star reviews only means happy customers

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