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Fully Owned & Joint Venture Factories

Global Manufacturing 

With joint-venture private label tool manufacturing facilities located in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India.  We are able to provide our customers with a wide selection of private-label products at the best value.  We also offer customization for any project and provide complete technical support throughout the process.

Our Factories

Diversitech Manufacturing Ltd

DG China

Core competencies include hand & power tools, injection molding & assembly, and a fully equipped packaging facility on-site

DG India (JV Partner)

DG India

Specializes in manufacturing pliers and wrenches, forged steel hand tools, fast lead times that safeguard against market fluctuations

DG Vietnam (JV Partner)

DG Vietnam

Core competencies include using recycled materials in production processes, algae-bloom resins & ocean-bound-plastics, integration of non-virgin material into packaging

Dg Malaysia (JV Partner)

DG Malaysia

Core competencies include hand tools, screwdrivers manufacturing, drill chucks, drill bits, professional & industrial socket sets

LMI industries

LMI Thailand

Core competencies include hardware, fasteners, building materials, furniture and household goods, lighting and electronic goods

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Core Competencies

Manufacturing Methods

We use top-of-the line manufacturing methods and technology to guarantee that retailers receive the best quality hand and power tool. Our strategic placement of factories throughout China and Asia guarantees both cost-effective service and unparalleled quality.

Diversitech Global Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Diversitech Global Forging


Diversitech Global Punching


Diversitech Global Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Diversitech Global Blow Molding

Blow Molding

Diversitech Global Surface Plating

Surface Plating

Diversitech Global Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

Diversitech Global Polishing


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