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Your Best Air Compressor Manufacturer in China

Get Powered with the Best in Quiet, High-Powered Electric Air Compressors

Provide unbeatable convenience to your customers that use automatic pneumatic building and decorating tools. Instantly access the extreme air pressure flows necessary for high-power paint tools and nail guns. Lightweight, easy to maintain, more energy-efficient and less nosier than contemporary gas models.

Download Our 5000+ Hand & Power Tool Catalog For Our Complete Tool Offering!

Leading Global Buyers Are Making The Switch To Electric Air Compressors

Diversitech Manufacturing offers high-performing electric air compressors that provide extreme pressures necessary for high-power paint tools and nail guns. Not only does this make it incredibly convenient for your customers to use pneumatic building and decorating tools, but these compressors are also more energy efficient, lightweight, and less noisy than contemporary gas models.

With us on your team, strengthen your products supply chains and improve efficiency when you opt for our electric air compressor solutions. Let us provide the resources unavailable in your current market so that you have access to exceptional quality products at competitive prices!

Contact our team today and find out how partnering with Diversitech Manufacturing will give you that competitive advantage!

Your Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Compressors

Diversitech Global Manufacturing is a leading Hand & Power Tools Manufacturer and Supplier based in China. With over 20 years of experience, since its founding in 2000, they have produced over 30 million tools for companies all around the world.

Their expertise extends from product design and development to manufacturing and packaging. Highly respected by renowned retailers worldwide, they offer fully customised OEM toolkit solutions backed-up by quality, innovation and competitive costs.


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