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Case Study: Hi-Spec Tools™

Taking From Concept to a Multinational Brand Case Study

In the highly-competitive DIY Tools marketplace, Hi-Spec Tools has distinguished itself as a trusted online source for accessible and affordable products. Serving a wide audience, from beginners to experienced DIY enthusiasts, Hi-Spec provides an extensive selection of tool set kits, hand tools, and power tools tailored for a myriad of projects in home improvement, garages, and workshops.

To stay ahead in offering both exceptional quality and value in DIY tools, Hi-Spec turned to Diversitech Global for guidance. This partnership marked the beginning of Hi-Spec's strategic endeavor to affirm its commitment to delivering dependable, budget-friendly DIY tool solutions.

Design Stage


In the crowded landscape of online retail, where mobile browsing is increasingly prevalent, the significance of an impactful brand logo is more crucial than ever.

Hi-Spec's branding journey began with a detailed brief focused on the company's product line goals, leading to a creative process that navigated through font, layout, and color choices. This iterative exploration resulted in the creation of four distinct logos for Hi-Spec and its product lines: DIY Home, Workshop, and Children/Kids.

Hi-Spec -  Home DIY - DIY Made Easy

The smooth and clean look  reflects the accessibility desired by home improvement enthusiasts

Hi-Spec Workshop Series - DIY Made Great

This rugged design evokes the essence of a productive workshop environment.

Hi-Spec kids - DIY Made Fun

The stylish and curvy fonts, invites  engagement with DIY using a playful and imaginative appeal.

Tool Design

Hi-Spec's challenge to Diversitech was to design, manufacture and launch two separate lines of hand and power tools: one tailored for the Casual Homeowner seeking value in everyday DIY tasks, and the other designed for the Garage or Workshop Enthusiast, a more knowledgeable user with requirements for serious projects.

To navigate Hi-Spec's unique customization needs, Diversitech's seasoned team of product designers, manufacturing sources and expert purchasers engaged deeply during the design and quotation phases. This approach ensured that all critical manufacturing challenges and opportunities for cost savings were identified and addressed before the development of tools and molds commenced.


The project advanced to the creation of a functional prototype: the development of custom tools, the design and forming of blow-mold cases, and the  assembly of tool assortments and combinations. This careful and collaborative process underscored the commitment to meeting Hi-Spec's specifications for products that would truly resonate with their intended users.

Hi-Spec Tool Design Stage

Manufacturing Stage

Lithium Power Tool Assembly

We manufactured and tested all Hi-Spec tools to meet international accredited quality control standards

With Diversitech's global network of fully-owned and joint venture manufacturing and packaging facilities, all modern manufacturing processes were made available to Hi-Spec. This included:

  • Computer-controlled laser cutting to cut parts out of metal, glass, wood, and plastic, as well as engrave designs on them

  • Punching with a die, in only a few fractions of a second, to create holes in a range of shapes in rigid materials

  • Blow moulding in which hot plastic is blasted into a mould cavity provides a quick and efficient solution for all types of tool boxes and cases

  • International accredited standards of Quality Assurance and Quality Control were applied throughout to ensure Hi-Spec would live up to their namesake

  • These include: ISO Certified and 3rd Party Testing Support, QC Testing Protocol Creation, CA Prop 65 Compliance, Inbound and outbound inspections, and multiple supplier evaluations.

Packaging and Marchandise Stage

We ensured Hi-Spec's products were presented in inspired and customer-friendly packaging that also complied with Amazon's guidelines for warehouse storage and secure doorstep delivery.

Our dedicated designers and packaging team developed Hi-spec's visual Identity using our packaging facility. This included structural packaging design, free-standing display unit designs, POP & POS Merchandising Displays and Line Extensions.

Marketing Pic

We provided visually compliant packaging for Hi-spec retailers

Hi-Spec Amazon-compliant packaging

Hi-Spec's Amazon compliant packaging

Hi-Spec Retailer-Compliant Packaging

Hi-Spec's Retailer- compliant packaging


Warehousing and Logistics Stage

With the challenge of offering products in multiple countries across continents, Hi-Spec called upon us for inventory, distribution and chain-supply management.

Our back office of purchasing and logistics teams provided order and sales forecast planning, timely reviews and adjustment of stock, and inventory pipeline management.

At our network of global warehousing facilities dedicated warehouse teams stored and consolidated mixed containers as well as giving freight and logistical support.

Warehousing and Logistics For Hi-Spec

We provided warehousing and logistics services for Hi-spec to make sure their tools were delivered on time to customers

Marketing Solutions Stage

After developing and manufacturing Hi-Spec's DIY tools, the next step was launching them in the market, a task for our strategic marketing experts.

We initiated an Omni-channel marketing strategy, focusing first on Hi-Spec's website and brand identity, then expanding to SEO and PPC advertising. Our in-house copywriters produced engaging content across platforms, including e-commerce descriptions, social media posts, and technical guides.

To ensure a striking market presence, our team of graphic designers, photographers, and videographers created captivating visuals, including compliant product images and professional videos, essential for capturing consumer attention quickly.

Through these efforts, we aimed to not just launch Hi-Spec tools but also establish a strong, memorable brand presence in the DIY market.

visually appealing images for Hi-spec on Amazon

We created visually appealing images to list their tools on Amazon

Hi-Spec Website

We created the Hi-Spec website to meet the web's accessibility standards


Since partnering with us, Hi-Spec has carved out a distinguished place for itself on the global stage, becoming an Amazon FBA best seller for over six years. This achievement is underscored by an impressive annual sales turnover surpassing $10 million, with thousands of units sold weekly around the world.

Hi-Spec's products consistently rank in the Top 10 of Amazon's Best Seller categories, and they're frequently selected as Amazon Choice products, a testament to their popularity and quality.

The company has earned high praise for its Seller Feedback and customer product reviews, with products and customer service regularly receiving 4 or 5-star ratings.Their Seller Feedback and customer product reviews are among the best with consistently 4 or 5 star ratings for their products and customer service.

This success has paved the way for Hi-Spec to expand its offerings, including the development of a Children and Pink Colour range of DIY tools - again with Diversitech. Additionally, the company has recently expanded its logistics capabilities with the opening of a new warehouse, further solidifying its market presence.

Hi-Spec's Amazon Growth Graph

Hi-Spec has seen consistent rise in sales and rankings since reaching out to use

Hi-spec's Children's kit - Amazon Choice Product

Hi-Spec tools are often featured as Amazon Choice Products

Consistent 5 star reviews on Amazon for Hi-spec

Consistent 5-star reviews on Amazon only means happy customers

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