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Explore Quality Tool Kit Sets from Diversitech Global - Your Manufacturing Supplier

For over two decades, we have been a world-class tool kit set manufacturer supplying unbeatable quality to global retailers and buyers. With our wide range of products and competitive prices, it's no wonder why we've become the go-to destination for those seeking business partnerships with commitment and professionalism.

Your Own Customized Tool Kit Sets with Our Private Label ODM/OEM

As a leading tool kit sets supplier, we understand the importance of investing in and developing top product lines to ensure success in competitive markets. With deep experience of manufacturing and chain-supply services, our extensive range of DIY and professional tool kit sets provide un-compromised design and value tailored to help your business grow.

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Our Painting Tool Kits aren't just about providing the necessary tools; they're about enhancing your painting experience. Each tool in our kits is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, ensuring your painting projects are as enjoyable as they are successful. With features like easy-to-clean brushes and drip-free paint trays, these kits are as practical as they are efficient, making them an ideal choice for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts.

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Women & Pink Styled

Women & Pink Styled tool kits are an excellent resource for a wide range of household applications and DIY projects. Everyday tasks are much easier and faster with the added benefits of improved comfort and control when carrying out tasks around the household, garden or workplace.

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A comprehensive selection that includes tools like caulk guns, finishing tools, and removal tools, each ergonomically designed for easy handling. The precision dispensing mechanisms minimize wastage and make your work more efficient, providing a cost-effective solution for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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We've taken great care in putting together our Motorcycle Tool Kits. They not only include typical tools like wrenches and sockets, but also specialised tools for specific motorcycle parts. Compact and portable, these tool kits are perfect for on-the-go repairs during long rides. With our tool kits, you'll not only save time and money on professional services but also gain the satisfaction of maintaining your own ride.

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Produced with an emphasis on comfort and durability, the tools in our Flooring Tool Kits are ergonomically designed for reduced strain during prolonged use. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, even under heavy-duty work conditions. These features contribute to heightened efficiency, diminished fatigue, and superior results, making the tool kits an excellent choice for both professional contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Welding tool kit

Electrical Wiring

These Electrical Wiring Tool Kits offer more than just a set of tools. Each item is engineered for comfort, reducing hand fatigue during extended use, and built to last, using materials that resist wear and tear even under high-stress conditions. This combination of user-friendly design and durability makes these kits an invaluable asset for both amateur DIY enthusiasts and experienced professionals.

Welding tool kit

Sheet Metal & Welding

For retailers, wholesalers, global purchasers, and dedicated DIY enthusiasts, our Sheet Metal Tool Kits are more than just a collection of tools. They represent our commitment to providing robust, durable, and efficient solutions. When you invest in these kits, you're not only getting a comprehensive set of tools but also the assurance of reliability and excellence that comes with our brand.

Welding tool kit

Roadside Emergency

The value of our Car Roadside Emergency Tool Kits goes beyond their functionality; it's about safety and preparedness. These kits typically include essentials like jumper cables, air compressors, flashlight, first aid supplies, and more, ensuring that you're ready for various roadside emergencies. The compact and portable design makes it easy to store in your vehicle, keeping essential tools within reach when you need them most.

Welding tool kit

Outdoor & Survival

Our Outdoor & Survival Tool Kits go beyond the basics. Each kit is thoughtfully curated with features like compact, lightweight tools for easy transport, and durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. From multi-function knives to fire starters, these kits provide peace of mind, knowing you have reliable tools at your fingertips when you need them most.

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Carpentry & Joinery

Our Carpentry & Joinery Tool Kits are more than just a set of tools; they are a gateway to endless possibilities. Typically, a kit includes essentials like hammers, saws, chisels, squares, and many more, all designed for durability and comfort. These tools not only help you achieve flawless results but also make the process more enjoyable and less strenuous.

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Our Gardening Tool Kit Sets not only equip you with the essentials for your gardening endeavors but also enhance your gardening journey. The kits feature a variety of tools, such as trowels of different sizes, pruning shears, gloves, and more, enabling you to get more out your gardening time. The convenience of having all these tools in one kit means you can concentrate more on nurturing and less on searching for the right tool.

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Electronics & Soldering

The advantage of using our Electronics & Soldering Tool Kits goes beyond just having the right tools. Each tool in the kit is engineered for comfort during extended use and durability to withstand the demands of delicate yet demanding electronic work. This blend of ease-of-use and resilience makes the tool kits an ideal choice for both budding hobbyists and seasoned professionals in electronics.

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Computer Network Cabling

Our Computer Network Cabling Tool Kit Sets not only equip you with the essentials for your networking projects but also enhance your installation experience. The kits feature a variety of tools, including crimpers, cutting tools, cable testers, and more, enabling you to complete jobs with speed and reliability. The convenience of having all these tools in one kit means you can concentrate more on the installation and less on searching for the right tool.

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Children's Tool Kits are an excellent educational tool for introducing children to the world of crafting, building and construction. By providing step-by-step instructions, along with durable and safe tools, these kits are made to ensure a successful learning experience for every young builder.

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Wood Carving

Wood carving has been an art form that encourages creativity and craftsmanship. As such, acquiring the right tool set for a project is critical - from beginners to advanced carvers alike. Fortunately modern tools provide a wealth of options to suit any level of artisan; offering countless possibilities for incredible works of art!

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Home & Garage

Home & Garage Tool Kits provide homeowners with the handyperson's essentials needed for a variety of hardware projects around their homes. With a well-stocked tool kit, users can feel confident tackling a wide range of repair and maintenance tasks from assembling furniture to mending hinges and much more.

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Arts, Crafts & Jewellery

Our Arts, Crafts & Jewellery Tool Kits not only provide you with the essentials for your creative projects but also elevate your crafting experience. The kits feature a variety of tools, such as paintbrushes of different sizes, cutting tools, glue guns, and more, allowing you to explore different artistic techniques. The convenience of having all these tools in one kit means you can focus more on creating and less on searching for the right tool.

Welding tool kit

Hobby Modelling

Hobby Modelling Tool Kits are invaluable for creating projects from scratch. Find everything needed to get started – durable blades that can cut through material with ease, a wide selection of saws and screwdrivers, plus adjustable clamps to make even complex projects simple to handle.

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Biking | Cycling

Cyclists know the importance of maintaining their bikes for optimal performance. That's why our tool kits feature a variety of useful tools, such as Allen wrenches, chain breakers, tire levers, and more. Whether you're a casual cyclist or a professional rider, these kits are essential for maintaining your bike in top condition. Plus, their compact design makes them easy to carry along on your rides.

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Our Plumbing Tool Kits are more than just a collection of tools - they are a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency. Sought after by retailers, wholesalers, global purchasers, and serious DIY enthusiasts, these kits not only offer an extensive range of tools but also the assurance of durability and reliability. When you invest in our Plumbing Tool Kits, you're investing in a promise of excellence and superior craftsmanship.

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Car Cleaning

Investing in a Car Cleaning Tool Kit is investing in the longevity and aesthetics of your vehicle. With specialized tools like brushes for hard-to-reach areas, microfiber cloths for gentle but effective cleaning, and squeegees for streak-free windows, maintaining a pristine car is easier than ever.

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Grout | Tiling

Our Grout / Tiling Tool Kits feature essential tiling tools such as grout floats, trowels, and grout removers, all designed for durability and comfort. The ergonomic handles reduce hand fatigue during long projects, while the high-quality materials ensure longevity. These kits not only simplify your tiling tasks but also contribute to professional-level results, making them an invaluable addition to any toolbox.

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Electronics Repair & Opening

DIY projects are becoming more popular than ever and the key to success is using quality tools. Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kits provide DIYers with an array of essential tools and accessories for repairing and maintaining electronics successfully and safely.

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Drill Bit Tool Kits


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