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We Manufacture Your Tool Brand.

Everything you need to DESIGN, MANUFACTURE & GROW your private label tool brand in today's ultra-competitive market.




We Manufacture Your Tool Brand.

Our experienced team of product designers & engineers can customize our tools to fit your brand & price-point. Whether you're looking to create a new innovation or improve your current tool offering, we've got you covered. 

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Private Label Tool Brand
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​Design & Customize Your Private Label Tools

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Private label

Private Label Tool Line Development

Our experience in managing OEM product development programs means we understand the manufacturing challenges faced by private label brands. We make it easy.

• Product range design & engineering
• Custom tool development
• Functional Prototype
• Development on all tools
• Innovative assortment offerings

Get a FREE analysis & line-extension suggestions from our team. Gain the competitive edge today!

Private Label Tool Line Development
quality control
QC Main Photo LQ

Quality Control

For any company to succeed in today’s competitive market, they need a strategy that differentiates them from the competition. Quality should not just be an option but rather it's imperative for success. Our practices make sure your standards are met together with international regulatory standards in Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Quality Assurance (QA)


• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

• Factory Audit

• Capacity and Quality Control

• Factory Social Compliance Audit

• 3rd Party Testing Support

• QC Testing

• Protocol Creation

• CA Prop 65 Compliance

• International Product Quality & Safety Certifications

• ISO Certified

• Equipment Calibration

Quality Control (QC)


• Inbound Material Visual Inspection

• Inbound Material Dynamic Testing

• Process Inspection

• Final Inspection

• Outbound First Shot Inspection

• Outbound Process Inspection

• Outbound Final Inspection

• Supplier Quality Evaluation

• QC Training

• Supplier Calibrated Test Equipment Check

Customized hand and p tool

Hand & Power Tool Manufacturing

We understand that not all businesses are the same, so our team of experienced product manufacturers & engineers can tailor tools to match your brand perfectly. Whether you want us to manufacture something new or improve upon an existing tool, we're here for you.

We manufacture the following tools ranges:


• Mechanical tools

• Electrical tools

• Finishing Tools

• Holding Tools

• Painting and Masonry tools

• Plumbing tools

• Home DIY toolset

• Power tools & accessories

• Cutting tool

• Sockets and Wrenches

• Fastening Tools

• Storage tools

• Striking tools

• Measuring Tools

Diversitech Global Hand & Power Tool Manufacturing
Marketing Pic

Packaging & Merchandising

Retail is competitive. Utilizing eye-catching packaging and a consistent visual brand identity across all packaging is more important than ever. That’s why our dedicated designers and packaging team not only develops your Visual Identity (VI), but brings it to life in our dedicated packaging facility.

• Structural Packaging Design

• Free Standing Display Units Designs

• POP & POS Merchandising Displays

• Line Extensions 

Inventory Management

Inventory Management & Distribution

With forecast planning, we hold stock and manage your inventory levels. Our team has the ability to review sales reports for forecasting & adjust stock levels, as well as store and consolidate mixed containers of your private label tool program.

marketing solution
Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Our fully-equipped team of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, on-site studio and strategic marketing experts can provide everything you need to get your product off to the right start.

  • In-house Photography & Graphics Design Staff

  • Creative Videography team & Professional Studio

  • Experienced copywriters for EVERYTHING – SEO, e-commerce copy, website and social media content, product brochures, instruction manuals and set-up guides

  • Omni-Channel marketing: Best-in-class marketing experts, PPC advertising specialists & branding strategists

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