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Power Tools

Your Best Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets Manufacturer in China

Need a more organized workspace? Discover our Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets Now!

Experience the pinnacle of organization and convenience with our Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets. Designed for practicality, this box is your ideal partner for storing a variety of items, from tools to trinkets. Their sturdy aluminium shell is attractive and the construction ensures durability while the compact design makes it perfect for easy storage and transport.


799pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops


119pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Home, Garage and Workplace


149pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops.


156pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops

Your Storage Solution: Robust and Versatile Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets

When it comes to securing your tools and accessories, the importance of a reliable storage solution cannot be overstated. Our Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets provide exactly that - a robust, durable and versatile solution that meets all your storage needs. These boxes are designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, ensuring your tools are not only well-protected, but also neatly organized.

Crafted from high-grade aluminium, these cases and trolley sets are built to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining their structural integrity. Whether it's for storing power tools, hand tools or accessories, our boxes offer ample space and are easy to transport, making them an ideal choice for professionals on the go.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and supplier, we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure you receive a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn more about how our Aluminium Boxes can enhance your product lineup and provide superior value to your customers.

Your Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Cases & Trolley Sets

Diversitech Global Manufacturing is a leading Hand & Power Tools Manufacturer and Supplier based in China. With over 20 years of industry experience of working with all levels of suppliers, purchasers and retailers, they have produced over 30 million tools for companies all around the world.

Their expertise extends from product design and development to manufacturing and packaging. Highly respected by renowned retailer brands worldwide, they offer fully customised OEM toolkit solutions backed-up by quality, innovation and competitive costs.


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