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Gairdin sustainable OEM

Helping Fortune 500 Retailers Commit to Sustainability

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Realize Your Commitment To Sustainability

Create Your Own Private Label Hand & Garden Tools


Everyone can make a difference and we believe everyone has a social responsibility to contribute and can make a difference.


Customized metrics such as total tonnage removed from environment and investment towards social impact in sourced countries is available to visualize the impact your purchase is making around the world.

Local Cause MARKETING Partnerships

Sponsorship and Partnerships with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, since 2009 over $1.5 million dollars has been donated, and with Urban-Farming™ to establish sustainable systems for food-growing gardens in unused land and space.


A proactive and preventative initiative to stop discarded plastic entering our oceans. By collecting waste from in and around water ways leading to the ocean, we are helping to preserve and prevent marine degradation.

Global Recycled Standard Certified

Gairdin's raw materials are independently certificated by The Global Recycling Standard- a multi-national 3rd Party Testing company that proves a chain of custody as being truly recycled.

Sustainable Products. Recycled Materials.

Recycled Materials

Ocean-Bound Plastics, captured and recycled before they enter waterways, transformed into new materials, that would have otherwise ended up in open waters

Algae-Blended Resin, a renewable and naturally grown biomass, replaces the commonplace oil-based thermoplastics found in many household goods


Recycled Aluminium saves about 90 percent of the energy it takes to make new aluminum, which is great since mining bauxite ore and turning it into aluminum is pretty environmentally destructive and energy-intensive

Social Responsibility

Localized Cause Marketing demonstrates your commitment to worthy social causes that make a significant impact to communities and the environment

Sponsorship and Partnerships with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, since 2009 over $1.5 million dollars has been donated, and with Urban-Farming™ to establish sustainable systems for food-growing gardens in unused land and space

Certified Sustainable

Functionality goes hand in hand with naturally-inspired contours & clean, simple lines that bring a sense of calm.

The Global Recycled Standard stamps and certifies our manufacturing with recycled and renewable raw materials in your custom designed retailer private-label sustainable product lines

A Diversitech Global Brand

Gairdin™‎ | Sustainable Gardening

Irish Design. Recycled Materials.

Gairdín, pronounced “Gar-Jean”, is the Gaelic Irish word for garden. Inspired by its rich art, our design cues feature natural lines and smooth curves, hand-in-hand with modern functionality and practicality

Made using recycled & sustainable materials: Algae-bio resin, Ocean Bound Plastics and recycled aluminium.

Develop your sustainable gardening ranges with Gairdín and help your brand realize its commitment to sustainability.

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Eco flower pots
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Eco Flower Pots

Honeycomb™ Natural Simplicity. Clean Aesthetic. Made using ocean-bound plastics

Classic Snap-Fit™ A Sustainable twist on a classic design. Featuring a snap-on water saucer & made using ocean bound plastics 

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Self-Watering Planters

With Gairdin Self-Watering Planters, enjoy nature's efficiency at home. Sustainably made using Ocean Bound Plastics 

Available in 3 Styles:




Nature's Efficiency In Your Home.

Like all Gairdin products, our flower pots are made to International Manufacturing Standards  

All recycled materials have certified material data specifications sheets that meet international manufacturing standards for functionality and durability, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Gairdin Garden Tool Sets

Natural contours, mineral-tone shades & ergonomically designed for balanced handling

Composed of ocean-bound plastic material, high grade algae-resin non-slip handles, and recycled tensile aluminum for all weather performance

sustainable garden tools

 ◄ Nautilus

A truly sustainable four-piece gardening set composed of recycled fiberglass composite material

Móta™ ►

Composed of algae biomass-resin, ocean-bound plastics and recycled aluminum for a sustainable take on traditional gardening tools



With a shared interest in sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility and product engineering, Simon Hopper, a farm boy from Ireland, and Rob Todd, a product designer & organic gardener,  developed GAIRDIN - eco-friendly gardening tools & planters made from recycled and sustainable raw materials

Irish Design. Sustainable Materials.

Gairdin- Helping retailers realize their commitment to sustainability


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