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Diversitech Global

Diveristech Global  Our Company

We've Innovated Hand & Power Tool Manufacturing

Since our founding in 2000, over 30 million hand, power and tool kit set combinations have been assembled and shipped globally for brands & retailers worldwide. With manufacturing bases all across Asia, we've grown into Asia's premier hand & power tool supplier for customers worldwide.

Want to improve your private label tool brand? Talk to one of our experts.

Two Decades of Experience

For the past 20 years, we've specialized in designing & manufacturing tools while collaborating closely with trusted and reputable sub-component suppliers. This has allowed us to create tailor-made OEM tool kits for prominent brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers.


  • Wholly Owned Irish Enterprise

  • Managed by Chinese-Speaking Western Professionals

  • Network of 300+ Quality Audited Sub-contract Manufacturers

  • Hand Tools & Power Tools Assembled In-house

  • Socket Manufacturing & Power Tool Assembly

  • Plastic Injection & Blow Mold Case Manufacturing Facilities

  • Personal Liability Insurance

  • Social Compliance, Quality Compliance and C-TPAT approvals from SMETA, BV, SGS and ITS

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Capable

What We Do

From start to finish, our experienced team of product designers & engineers offer everything needed to develop your own private label tool line, improve on your existing line, or develop an entirely new innovation.


  • Product Design and Innovation

  • Private Label Tool Line Development

  • Quality Control

  • Packaging & Merchandising

  • Inventory management and Distribution

  • Marketing Solutions


  • 1998 - Developed Mr 7 Hands 7-in-1 Screwdriver in Taiwan

  • 2000 - Opened Shanghai Rep. Office

  • 2001 - Established Hangzhou Manufacturing Facility

  • 2003 - Established USA Customer Service Center with 1-800 Numbers

  • 2005 - Established Hangzhou Plastic Injection Facility

  • 2006 - Established Hangzhou DC Power Tool Assembly Facility

  • 2007 - ISO 9001 Accreditation

  • 2008 - The Diversitech Way, 5S & 7S Implemented

  • 2011 - Implements Digwin ERP 

  • 2012 - Built new 20 K SQM Manufacturing Facility in Hangzhou China

  • 2014 - Established Socket Manufacturing Facility

  • 2015 - Opened UK Office & Warehouse

  • 2016 - Opened USA Offices,

  • 2017 - Established Xi Meng Distribution Warehouse Hangzhou China

  • 2017 - Opened EU Office & Warehouse

  • 2020 - Opened Ohio USA Warehouse & UAE, Canada & Mexican Offices

Charitable Ventures

$1.5+ USD Charitable Donations

Our partners, Apollo Tools in the US and Apollo Fuilfilment Ltd. in the UK, are proud sponsors of The Pink Ribbon Foundation, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and ReThink Breast Cancer. A donation from each purchase goes towards eradicating breast cancer through research, and since 2009 over $1.5 million dollars has been donated across the USA, Canada and the UK.

Environmental Commitment

We offer sustainable manufacturing solutions to help our customers make a positive impact on the planet. Our use of clean, recyclable materials allows our customers to offer environmentally-friendly products to their clients. Join us in creating a better future for ourselves and future generations through sustainable products.

Eight Factories. Five Countries.

Global Operations

Diversitech Global Manufacturing encompasses a network of fully owned and joint venture manufacturing factory facilities in China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Taiwan including offices and warehouse space in the in the UK and US.

With a network of manufacturing design, sourcing and packaging facilities, Diversitech Global Manufacturing has set up a complete supply-chain management and service system, including R&D, in-house lab product analysis and testing, packaging manufacture, ISO9001:2008 quality control inspections, warehousing & logistics with 24 hour Global Customer Support.

Looking to diversify your supply chain outside of China? We can help.

Why Choose Diversitech Global


• Innovative Designs

• Manufacturing Experts

• Competitive Pricing

• Strong Quality Assurance

• Fast Delivery & Inventory Management

Diversitech Global Manufacturing sharpened

Experienced & Passionate

Diversitech Team

Our Team
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