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Your Best Power Tools Manufacturer in China

Your Trusted Source of Power Tools

As an established and reputable manufacturer and supplier of hand and power tools for over 20 years, we understand the importance of providing the best quality products at cost-effective prices. Let us help you provide your customers with the power tools to accomplish their work quickly, efficiently and safely.

Expand Your Power Tool Brand Lines

With access to our wide range of DIY and professional power tools, you no longer have to settle for compromises when upgrading or improving your lines. Our goal is to provide clients with lasting value and an outstanding sourcing experience, which starts with leveraging our extensive capabilities in manufacturing and supply solutions.

Power Drills

Power Drills

Electric power drills are the go-to tool of choice for any project, big or small. From connecting a shelf to your wall with ease and speed to demolishing those tougher construction jobs, these reliable tools can help you tackle it all - from plastic fixtures to more robust concrete surfaces!

21V Electric Drill_.jpg

Cordless Screwdrivers

Searching for a powerful solution to speed-up screw fastening and unfastening? Electric power screwdrivers are the perfect choice to drive screws quickly and effortlessly – helping projects get done in record time!

3.6 voltsV with Charger and 10 Screw Bits_.jpg

Power Sanders

Get an effortless finish to any project with the help of a power sander. Sand furniture, smooth wood and remove rust from vehicles - no matter the task at hand, a high quality electric sander will provides professional results in moments!


Rotary Tools

With detailed accuracy and a comprehensive selection of uses, these rotary power tools provide the perfect compact-sized solution for any DIY hardware task. From cutting to grinding and shaping to sanding - an array of bit accessories ensures you always have exactly what you need.


Air Compressors

Electric power air compressors give you unmatched convenience to tackle a range of building and construction projects. Instantly access the high pressure needed for powerful tools, like nail guns and paint sprayers, so that any job can be done quickly and efficiently.

air compressor.jpg

Power Tools Accessories

Upgrade your home DIY or professional workspace with the best accessories for electric power tools. From drilling to precision screwdriving, having access to quality components enhances speed and accuracy for both DIYers and professional users.


Cordless screwdrivers
Power sanders
Rotary tools
Air compressors
Power Tools Accessories
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