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217pc Auto Garage DIY Hand Tools Kit Set including Ratcheting Wrench, Pliers Set and More
SKU: DT30027


Equipped with a vast selection of high-quality tools, this kit is the epitome of versatility and durability. The chrome-plated surface ensures longevity, while the comfortable handles make for an easy grip during any DIY task.

From repairing cars to installing cabinets, this kit is packed with all the essentials needed for everyday fixes. Its comprehensive nature makes it a reliable partner for both seasoned professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, bridging the gap between convenience and functionality.


QUALITY AND DURABILITY - Each tool in this set is made from high-quality steel, ensuring a long life span. The chrome-plated surface offers excellent corrosion resistance, making the tools suitable for various conditions. The handles, made from superior materials, provide a comfortable grip during use.

VARIETY AND FUNCTIONALITY - This set includes everything from a wrench set to a woodworking set, covering all the bases for common repair tasks. Whether it's carpentry, car repairs, or furniture installation, these tools provide the best assistance throughout the process.

ORGANIZATION AND STORAGE - The set comes with a custom storage box featuring internal molded compartments. Each tool fits perfectly in its designated spot, making storage and organization a breeze. This feature not only prolongs the lifespan of the tools but also facilitates easy access during tasks.


• Insulating Tape *1 for securing wires and cables.
• Combination Wrench *6 for tackling different sizes of nuts and bolts.
• Spark Plug *1 for maintaining and repairing vehicle engines.
• Wire Stripper *1 for stripping insulation from electric wires.
• Water Pump Pliers *1 for gripping and turning pipes or nuts.
• Ratchet Wrench *1 for fastening or loosening bolts and nuts.
• Drive Socket Set*22 for various socketing tasks.
• Torpedo Level * 1 for ensuring accurate horizontal and vertical alignment.
• Utility Knife 1 for cutting tasks.
• Extension Bar for increasing the reach of sockets.
• Hex Key Wrenches * 9 for dealing with hexagonal bolts and screws.
• Magnetic Bit Holder "1 for holding screwdriver bits.
• Measure Tape Ruler for measuring distances.
• Long Nose Pliers * for precision work in small areas.
• Spring Clamps *4 for holding materials together.
• Adjustable Wrench *1 for gripping and turning nuts and bolts.
• Screwdriver Bit *20 for various screwing tasks.
• Long Screwdriver Bit *10 for tasks requiring extended reach.
• Precision Screwdrivers *5 for handling small screws.
• Full-Size Screwdrivers *4 for general screwing tasks.
• Ratcheting Bit Handle *1 for fast and convenient screwing.
• Combination pliers for gripping, bending, and cutting wires and cables.
• Socket adaptor "1 for connecting sockets to a ratcheting handle.
• Hacksaw for cutting through metal and plastic.


-- The wrench set, combined with the ratchet wrench and drive socket set, is perfect for automotive repairs, providing the necessary tools for various parts and sizes.
-- Use the woodworking set, measure tape ruler, torpedo level, and spring clamps for carpentry tasks like cabinet installation or furniture building, ensuring precision and stability.
-- The precision screwdrivers and magnetic bit holder make electronic repairs simpler, catering to small screws and providing an organized workspace.
-- Plumbing issues can be tackled using the water pump pliers, adjustable wrench, and combination pliers, providing grip and adjustment capabilities.
-- For general home repairs and installations, the utility knife, full-size screwdrivers, and hacksaw come in handy, offering cutting and fastening solutions.

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