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22pc 3/8" Drive SAE & Metric Socket Set. Sizes 1/4" to 3/4", 9mm to 19mm
SKU: DT40423


The comprehensive 22-piece socket set offers a versatile collection of tools for a variety of tasks. The set includes a 3/8" drive handle with 72 teeth, providing precise control for both SAE and Metric measurements.

The inclusion of extension bars further enhances the set's versatility, allowing for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. With a universal joint included, the set enables multi-directional work, making it a valuable addition to any toolbox.


VERSATILITY - This socket set stands out for its comprehensive range of tools. It caters to both Metric and SAE measurements, ensuring adaptability across a variety of tasks. The inclusion of a 3/8" drive handle with 72 teeth offers precise control, enhancing the efficiency of the work.

EXTENSION BARS - The set comes equipped with two 3/8" extension bars of 3" and 6". These allow for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, making the set even more versatile. The extension bars expand the set's application range, accommodating various fastening needs in different spaces.

UNIVERSAL JOINT - A valuable addition to the set is a 3/8" universal joint. This feature allows for multi-directional work, making it easier to work around obstructions. With this tool, tackling complex tasks becomes simpler and more efficient.


• 3/8" Drive Handle: Crafted with 72 teeth for precise control.
• Extension Bars: Two 3/8" extension bars (3" and 6") for reaching difficult areas.
• Metric Sockets: Nine 3/8" metric sockets ranging from 9mm to 19mm.
• SAE Sockets: Nine 3/8" SAE sockets with sizes from 1/4" to 3/4".
• Universal Joint: A 3/8" universal joint for multi-directional work.


-- Vehicle Maintenance: The varied sizes and the inclusion of a universal joint make this set ideal for automotive repairs.
-- Construction Projects: Given its robust construction, this set is well-suited for heavy-duty construction applications.
-- DIY Home Improvement: The comprehensive range of tools and sizes accommodates various home repair and improvement tasks.
-- Professional Use: Its versatility and durability make this set a reliable choice for professionals in diverse fields.
-- Portable Workshops: With its compact storage and easy identification, it's an excellent addition to mobile workshops or on-site services.

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