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22pc Compact Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Hex Keys, Bits and 34pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: DT40207


Introducing the all-in-one tool kit set, designed as the portable companion for everyday tasks and DIY projects - perfect for those stepping into their first home, settling into a new apartment, or moving into a dorm room. It's now easier than ever to tackle repairs and maintenance whenever they arise.

Housed in an easily accessible, book-sized toolbox, this collection of durable steel hand tools stands ready for action. Non-slip handles ensure comfortable grip and precision during various tasks, from screwdriving to hammering, installation to assembly. This toolkit is the trusted companion for all DIY endeavors.


EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS - This tool kit offers a careful selection of must-have tools, each one boasting a sturdy steel construction. Contoured non-slip handles ensure a firm grip for precise screwdriving, hammering, installation, and assembly tasks. The compact size and lively color trim make this set a standout choice for practical DIY fixing and maintenance.

ORGANIZED AND ACCESSIBLE - All these essential tools are neatly packed in a lightweight toolbox that's as portable as a book. Grab it and go wherever tasks arise, whether at home, in the dorm, or at the workplace. It's the perfect blend of convenience and functionality.

QUALITY AND VERSATILITY - Each tool in this set is designed for success. From a mini-sized hammer for light-purpose nail tapping and pulling, to standard driver bits that fit all commonly found household screw types. It even includes a voltage test pen for safe electricity point testing and a 3m roll of insulating tape for secure wire repairs.


• Claw Hammer: Mini-sized for light-purpose nail tapping and pulling, with a soft textured non-slip handle.
• Combination Pliers: 6" pliers perfect for gripping, twisting and turning nuts, bolts, and snipping wire and cable.
• Bit Driver Handle: Designed with a contoured grip for comfort.
• Standard Driver Bits: 6 pieces to fit all common household screw types - Torx, Phillip, Hex/Allen, Slot/Flat.
• Measuring Tape: 2m retractable tape for accurate measurements.
• Mini Hex Key Wrench Set: H1.5-2-2.5-3-4-5, ideal for tightening hex screws in furniture and fittings.
• Voltage Test Pen: For safe testing of household electricity points.
• Electrical Insulating Tape: 3m roll for wrapping bare wire ends and safe repairs.
• 34pc Wall Hanging Kit of nails, hooks and wall anchors/plugs


-- Assemble flat-pack furniture with ease using the mini hex key wrench set and standard driver bits.
-- Perform light maintenance tasks around the house, from hanging pictures to repairing fixtures, using the compact hammer and combination pliers.
-- Safely test electrical outlets and switches with the voltage test pen.
-- Measure rooms or furniture with the 2m retractable tape for space planning or renovation projects.
-- Securely wrap bare wire ends during repair or installation tasks using the 3m roll of electrical insulating tape.

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