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23pc Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Set. Auto, Vehicle and Engine Tool Set for Repairs and Maintenance. All in a Compact Case


Arm yourself with the complete tool set to get those front-wheel drive bearings in tip top shape. Our 23pc Bearing Puller Set puts everything you need for fast and efficient bearing replacement right at your fingertips, all tucked away neatly into a compact case. So whether it's repairs or maintenance to keep things running smoothly, this powerful kit is exactly what any serious garage mechanic needs.

Crafted for precision and reliability, this kit is housed in a sturdy case, making it an essential addition for ensuring vehicles run at their best. Compact and lightweight, it's designed for easy transportation and storage, offering convenience without compromising on quality.


EFFORTLESS OPERATION - Engineered for ease, this collection simplifies bearing maintenance tasks. With precision-crafted tools, mechanics can achieve optimal results with minimal effort, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

DURABILITY MEETS MOBILITY - Encased in a thermoplastic shell, these tools are protected from wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance. The compact design of the case, measuring 33 x 45.7 x 11.7cm and weighing just 4kg, allows for easy storage and transport, making it a versatile asset for both workshops and mobile mechanics.

VERSATILITY FOR PROFESSIONALS - This set is tailored for the diverse needs of auto repair professionals. It offers a practical solution for a variety of bearing replacement tasks, ensuring mechanics have the right tool at hand. Its comprehensive nature makes it a valuable addition to any professional toolkit, facilitating quick and efficient repairs.


• 23pc Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Set
• Thermoplastic Storage Case
• 33 x 45.7 x 11.7cm
• 4kg


-- Routine Maintenance -- Keeps vehicles running smoothly by facilitating timely bearing replacements.
-- Emergency Repairs -- Offers a quick and effective solution for unexpected bearing failures.
-- Professional Workshops -- Essential for mechanics, enhancing service efficiency and quality.
-- DIY Auto Repairs -- Empowers vehicle owners to perform their own maintenance, saving time and money.
-- Mobile Mechanics -- Portable and comprehensive, ideal for on-the-go repairs and services.

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