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25pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Adjustable Wrench, Pliers and 34pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: DT1006


Discover a comprehensive set of hand tools, meticulously curated to cater to all your DIY needs. The set boasts a variety of tools, from an adjustable wrench and pliers to precision screwdrivers and a tape measure, all designed with the user's convenience in mind.

Designed for durability and precision, this kit serves as an all-encompassing solution for both minor and major tasks. It's the ultimate portable companion for homeowners and handy-persons alike, providing all the necessary tools for a wide range of applications.


TOP-NOTCH VARIETY - This kit offers a diverse array of tools designed for a multitude of tasks. With everything from precision screwdrivers for intricate work to a sturdy claw hammer for more robust tasks, the versatility of this set is second to none. It ensures that users have all the tools they need at their fingertips for any project.

DURABILITY AND PRECISION - Each tool within the set has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Made from high-quality materials, these tools are not only durable but also offer the precision needed for both minor and major tasks. Whether it's adjusting a bolt with the adjustable wrench or carefully measuring with the 2-meter tape measure, each task can be tackled with accuracy and ease.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Keeping the user's comfort and convenience in mind, each tool features a user-friendly design. The handle of each tool is designed for a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. Additionally, the set includes a demagnetizer & magnetizer and a pen-type voltage tester, further enhancing its utility and functionality.


• 1pc 8" Adjustable Wrench: Ideal for various tightening and loosening tasks.
• 1pc 8oz Claw Hammer: Robust and handy for driving in and removing nails.
• 1pc 6" Level Ruler: Essential for ensuring accurate level measurements.
• 1pc 2M Tape Measure: For precise measurements.
• 1pc Pen-type Voltage Tester: Useful for checking electrical voltage.
• 1pc #2X4" Screwdriver: Designed for general-purpose use.
• 1pc 1/4"X4" Screwdriver: Suitable for various screwing tasks.
• 2pcs Precision Screwdrivers: Ideal for small, detailed work.
• 12pcs 1" Driver Bits: A diverse set for handling various screw types.
• 1pc 6" Wire Pliers: Perfect for bending, cutting, and manipulating wires.
• 1pc Electrical Tape: Handy for wiring and taping needs.
• 1pc Demagnetizer & Magnetizer: Useful for controlling the magnetic properties of the tools.
• 34pc Wall Hanging Kit of nails, hooks and wall anchors/plugs


-- Installing shelves or picture frames: The comprehensive set of tools makes it easy to measure, align, and secure items to the wall.
-- Assembling furniture: With a variety of screwdrivers and driver bits, assembling flat-pack furniture becomes a breeze.
-- Electrical repairs: The pen-type voltage tester and precision screwdrivers make it safe and easy to perform minor electrical repairs or installations.
-- General home repairs: From tightening loose screws to hammering in nails, this toolkit has all the essentials covered.
-- Craft projects: The precision screwdrivers and tape are perfect for intricate craft projects, making it an ideal set for hobbyists.

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