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27pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Hex Key Wrenches and 100pc Wall Hanging Kit


Introducing a comprehensive toolkit designed with the homeowner and DIY enthusiast in mind. The 27-piece set brings together an array of hand tools, including hex key wrenches and a 100-piece wall hanging kit, offering functionality and versatility.

The kit includes a variety of essential tools, such as adjustable wrench, long nose pliers, and an 8oz claw hammer, all aimed at making DIY tasks more efficient and enjoyable. The tools are organized in a compact and portable case for easy storage and accessibility.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This toolkit is equipped with a diverse range of tools intended for a multitude of tasks. From a pair of 8.5" scissors to a 7-in-1 hex key, this set ensures that users have the right tool for every job. A set of 10 driver bits further enhances the toolkit's versatility, making it well-suited for various assembly and repair tasks.

EASE OF USE - Every tool in this set has been designed with user comfort and efficiency in mind. The 6" adjustable wrench and long nose pliers offer ease of use, while the 8oz claw hammer provides a comfortable grip for efficient nail driving. Additionally, the 3.5m tape measure assists in accurate measurements, enhancing the precision of work.

WALL HANGING MADE SIMPLE - The inclusion of a 100-piece wall hanging kit, complete with nails, hooks, and wall anchors/plugs, simplifies the task of hanging pictures, mirrors, or other decorations. This feature adds value for homeowners and interior decorators, making wall decoration an effortless task.


• 1pc 8.5" Scissors: Ideal for cutting through various materials.
• 1pc 6" Adjustable Wrench: Useful for various tightening and loosening tasks.
• 1pc 6" Long Nose Pliers: Perfect for bending, cutting, and manipulating wires.
• 1pc 7 in 1 Hex Key: A versatile tool for driving bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets.
• 1pc 8oz Claw Hammer: Robust and handy for driving in and removing nails.
• 1pc 6" Torpedo Level: Essential for ensuring accurate level measurements.
• 1pc 3.5m Tape Measure: For precise measurements.
• 1pc Bit Holder: Holds bits securely for easy access.
• 10pc Driver Bits: A diverse set for handling various screw types.
• 1pc 3/32 in. slotted precision screwdriver: Ideal for small, detailed work.
• 1pc #0 Phillips precision screwdriver: Designed for precision tasks.
• 100pc Wall Hanging Kit: Contains nails, hooks, and wall anchors/plugs for easy hanging tasks.


-- Home Repairs: This toolkit is perfect for a wide range of home repairs, appealing to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
-- Assembly Projects: The variety of driver bits and the hex key make this kit ideal for furniture assembly, appealing to both DIY users and professionals.
-- Wall Hanging: The included wall hanging kit simplifies the process of hanging pictures, mirrors, or decorations, adding value for interior decorators and homeowners alike.
-- Professional Use: The comprehensive set of tools makes this kit suitable for professional handymen and building professionals.
-- Portability: The compact and organized tool case makes this kit easy to carry, which is ideal for mobile handymen and contractors.

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