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3pc 1/2 in. Drive Cr-Mo Impact Flip Lug Socket Set
SKU: DT50416


This innovative lug nut socket set is engineered to accommodate the most commonly encountered lug nut sizes, making it an indispensable tool for any garage. Constructed from robust chrome molybdenum steel, it stands up to high torque applications without compromise. Each socket features precise laser-etched size markings, ensuring users can swiftly identify the correct size for their needs.

Included in the set are two versatile double-sided 6-point flip impact sockets, alongside a practical 3-inch extension bar designed to reach deep into wheel wells with ease. The entire set boasts a polished finish, not only for aesthetics but also for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.


DURABILITY MEETS PRECISION - Crafted from high-grade chrome molybdenum steel, this 3-piece lug nut socket set is built to withstand the rigors of high torque applications. Its robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring that it remains a vital component of any toolkit. The laser-etched size markings on each socket allow for quick and effortless identification, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - Designed to accommodate the most commonly used lug nut sizes, this set is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts, professional mechanics, and anyone in between. The inclusion of two double-sided 6-point flip impact sockets, along with a convenient 3-inch extension bar, makes it perfect for reaching deep wheel wells and ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

A POLISHED FINISH - Not only are these sockets tough and versatile, but they also come with a polished finish that resists corrosion and enhances durability. This feature, combined with their practical design and comprehensive coverage of SAE and Metric sizes (13/16 in x 3/4 in, 19mm x 21mm), makes the set an attractive option for retail buyers and purchasers looking to equip themselves or their customers with a reliable, all-in-one solution for tire changes and automotive maintenance.


• '-1/2 in. Drive Cr-Mo Impact Flip Lug Socket Set
• Material: Chrome molybdenum steel
• Finish: Polished

• Double-Sided 6-Point Flip Impact Sockets
• Sizes: 13/16 in x 3/4 in, 19mm x 21mm
• Feature: Laser-etched size markings

• 3 in. Extension Bar
• Length: 3 inches
• Compatibility: Designed for deep wheel wells


-- Automotive Maintenance – Ideal for car enthusiasts and mechanics who require reliable tools for tire changes and general vehicle upkeep. The durable construction ensures longevity even under high torque conditions.

-- DIY Projects – Perfect for homeowners tackling their own automotive repairs or projects. The easy-to-read laser-etched size markings make it simple to identify the correct socket size, reducing frustration and time spent on tasks.

- Professional Garages – A must-have in any professional setting, where efficiency and reliability are paramount. The inclusion of the most popular lug nut sizes ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

-- Emergency Roadside Repairs – Compact and versatile, this set is an essential addition to any roadside emergency kit, allowing drivers to change tires safely and quickly when needed.

-- Motorcycle Maintenance -– Although designed for automotive use, the precision and quality of these sockets make them suitable for motorcycle maintenance as well, offering bikers a dependable tool for wheel and tire work.

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