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40pc 1/4" Drive SAE & Metric Socket Set including Ratcheting Wrench and Spinner Handle
SKU: DT40416


Experience the convenience and durability of this 40-piece drive socket set, precision-engineered from drop-forged steel with a chrome vanadium finish. Designed for a perfect fit and long-lasting use, these sockets are ideal for a wide range of DIY projects. The compact and lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability even in tight areas.

The set comes housed in a sturdy hard-plastic case for easy storage and transportation. Perfect for keeping in a truck, camper or office, this kit is always ready for action. It also includes a carrying handle for quick access, ensuring efficiency in every project.


UNRIVALED DURABILITY - This set boasts sockets and handles constructed from drop-forged steel. Each piece is plated with a corrosion and abrasion-resistant chrome vanadium coating, promising longevity and reliability for years to come.

VERSATILITY IN SIZES - The set features both metric and standard sized sockets, catering to a variety of repair and assembly needs. Whether fixing a washing machine or assembling pre-fabricated furniture, the right size socket is always at hand.

DUAL HANDLE DESIGN - The set includes a traditional ratcheting handle and an insulated nut driver handle. The ratcheting handle is ideal for loosening bolts, while the nut driver excels in small areas and precision work, offering versatility in functionality.


• 13 SAE Sockets (1/4" DR): Ideal for various mechanical tasks, made from heat-treated, chrome-plated materials to resist corrosion.
• 13 Metric Sockets (1/4" DR): Robust and corrosion-resistant, perfect for a range of DIY tasks.
• 3 SAE Sockets (1/4" DR, 8P.T.): Specifically designed for eight-point fasteners, ensuring a secure fit.
• 4 SAE and Metric Sockets (3/8" DR): Provides versatility for different tasks.
• 1 Knurled Handle (3/8"): Offers excellent grip and control, suitable for a variety of applications.
• Extension Bar (3/8" DR, 3"): Provides additional reach for hard-to-access areas.
• Spark Plug Socket (3/8" DR, 5/8" or 16mm): Designed for removing and installing spark plugs.
• Spinner Handle (1/4" DR): Ideal for finer turning with smaller 1/4” drive sockets.
• Disc (3/8" DR): Assists in socket retention for easy handling.
• Blow Mold Case: Provides secure storage and easy transportation of the entire set.


-- Home Repairs: The set's wide range of socket sizes and handles make it ideal for various home repair tasks.
-- Automotive Maintenance: With its extension bar and ratcheting handle, this set is perfect for vehicle repairs in tight or deep spaces.
-- Furniture Assembly: The different socket sizes and the spinner handle are perfect for efficient assembly of various furniture pieces.
-- DIY Projects: From building a bookshelf to customizing a piece of furniture, this set provides all the necessary tools.
-- Professional Use: With its comprehensive selection of tools and durable construction, this set is a valuable addition to any professional workshop.

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