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40pc 1/4, 3/8" Drive SAE & Metric Socket Set. Sizes 1/4 - 11/16", 4 - 15mm.
SKU: DT40430


Comprising of 40 pieces, this socket set caters to SAE and Metric sizes, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse fastening needs. The durable steel construction ensures longevity, while the compact PVC case with a transparent lid offers easy storage and portability.

The set includes a variety of standard sockets, eight-point sockets, a direct drive ratchet, finger spinner, and an extension, making it versatile and functional. It covers a wide range of sizes, from SAE socket sizes of 5/32 in. - 11/16 in., eight-point 1/4 in. drive socket sizes to Metric sizes of 4mm - 15mm.


DURABLE AND RELIABLE - Crafted from robust steel, this socket set is designed to withstand rigorous use, ensuring a long service life. Its strength is ideal for working on stubborn nuts and bolts, making it a reliable choice for demanding tasks.

VERSATILE AND COMPREHENSIVE - With a mix of SAE and Metric sizes, the set is prepared to cater to a wide variety of fastening needs. From 32 standard sockets to three 8 point sockets, a direct drive ratchet, and a finger spinner, this set offers versatility and functionality in abundance.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The set's PVC case with a clear view lid makes organization and transportation effortless. Its compact design allows it to slide easily under car seats, making it a handy toolset for professionals on-the-go or DIY enthusiasts with limited storage space.


• Durable Steel Construction: Ensures long-lasting use and effective against stubborn nuts and bolts.
• Variety of Sizes: Includes SAE socket sizes (5/32 in. - 11/16 in.), eight-point 1/4 in. drive socket sizes, and Metric socket sizes (4mm - 15mm).
• Direct Drive Ratchet: Provides the necessary leverage for various tasks.
• Finger Spinner: Allows for fast and efficient screwing and unscrewing.
• Extension: Adds reach to the ratchet, making it easier to work in hard-to-reach areas.
• PVC Case with Clear View Lid: Allows for easy organization and transportation.


-- Automotive repairs: The set's broad range of socket sizes makes it ideal for various vehicle maintenance tasks.
-- Construction projects: The strength of these tools makes them suitable for heavy-duty construction work.
-- Home improvement tasks: The versatility of this set makes it a go-to tool for various DIY home improvement jobs.
-- Professional use: Given its comprehensive range and sturdy construction, this set is a dependable choice for professionals in various fields.
-- Portable workshop: Due to its compact storage case, it is an excellent addition for mobile workshops or on-site repair services.

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