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40pc 1/4” Drive S2 Steel Socket Bits & Metric Sockets Set. Includes Ratcheting Wrench and Bars
SKU: DT03002


Boasting a robust collection of S2 steel driver bits and carbon steel metric sockets, this 40-piece set is the epitome of durability and precision. The ratcheting wrench handle, complete with a 72-tooth mechanism for precise turning, effortlessly complements the comprehensive range of handpicked tools.

The set's versatility is further enhanced by an array of accessories including a spinner handle, universal joint, extension bar, and a sliding T-bar pole. All these tools are neatly housed in a compact, book-sized toolbox case, ensuring easy transport and prolonging the life of the tools.


SUPERIOR MATERIALS AND DESIGN - This set is an amalgamation of expertly crafted tools made from S2 Steel and Carbon Steel. These materials offer unparalleled hardness and longevity, ensuring each tool is ready to tackle even the most challenging tasks. The ratcheting wrench handle, equipped with a 72-tooth mechanism, allows for precision turning, while its chrome electroplated finish provides an extra layer of durability.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - The set includes a diverse range of driver bit sizes and socket types, ensuring it can cater to a wide variety of tasks. Moreover, the set comes with a suite of useful accessories like a spinner handle, universal joint, extension bar, and others that enhance its functionality. The compact, book-sized toolbox case offers a convenient storage solution, keeping the tools organized and easy to access.

IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF USERS - Whether it's retail buyers, DIY enthusiasts, or professionals, this set caters to all. The high-quality materials ensure durability, while the wide range of sizes and types makes it versatile enough for various applications. The inclusion of useful accessories and a compact toolbox case adds to the set's appeal, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in a reliable and comprehensive tool set.


• S2 Steel Bit Heads: Offer extra hardness and longevity. Sizes include H3-4-5-6-7-8-10mm, PH1-PH2-PH3, T8-10-T15-T20-T25-T30-T40, SL4-SL5.5-SL7.
• 1/4in Drive Ratcheting Wrench Handle: Features a 72-tooth mechanism for precision turning. Chrome electroplated with a non-slip handle.
• 13pc x 1/4in Drive Metric Sockets: Made from Carbon Steel. Sizes include 4-4.5-5-5.5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-mm.
• 1/4in Drive Spinner Handle: Allows for easy rotation of the socket.
• 1/4” Drive Universal Joint: Provides flexibility during usage.
• 1/4” Drive 3in Extension Bar/Post: Facilitates reach in tight spaces.
• Bit Coupler for the extension bar/post: Allows for easy attachment of bits.
• Sliding T-Bar Pole: Offers additional leverage during use.
• 1/4” Drive Slider Nut for T-Bar Pole: Ensures secure attachment of the T-Bar Pole.
• AD Adaptor bit: Enhances compatibility with various sockets.
• Compact Tool Box Case: Provides organized storage and easy transport of tools.


-- Home Maintenance: The diverse range of tools caters to a variety of home repair tasks.
-- Professional Use: Its high-quality material and robust design make it a reliable tool in professional environments.
-- Automotive Repairs: The set's wide array of sizes is perfect for working on vehicles with varying fastener sizes.
-- Assembly Tasks: The easy-to-use socket adaptor simplifies assembly tasks that involve multiple fasteners.
-- DIY Projects: The user-friendly design and storage case make this set an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast.

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