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46pc Screw Bit Sockets and Metric Sockets Set including Ratcheting Handle and Accessories
SKU: DT30202


Discover the ultimate in versatility and durability with a comprehensive set of tools, sockets, bits, and accessories. Forged from high-grade chrome vanadium steel and treated with a corrosion-resistant satin chrome finish, these tools are designed for longevity. The set includes a 1/4" ratchet handle with a 72-teeth mechanism and soft grip co-molded grips to deliver high levels of torque with comfort and precision.

The set also includes a range of 1/4" Metric Sockets (4-14mm), selected for their utility in a variety of repair and adjustment tasks. These 6-point sockets grip the flat sides of fastener heads, not corners, preventing round-off and ensuring a lifetime of use.


SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP - Each tool in this set is forged from high-grade chrome vanadium Cr-V Steel, heat-treated, and plated with corrosion-resistant satin chrome. This ensures that the tools are both durable and reliable. The 1/4" ratchet handle features a soft grip co-molded handle and a 72-teeth mechanism, allowing for precise adjustments and the creation of high levels of torque.

VERSATILE TOOL SELECTION - The set includes a range of 1/4" Metric Sockets (4-14mm) that have been chosen for their versatility in automotive, mechanical, industrial, and domestic repair tasks. These 6-point sockets are designed to grip the flat sides of fastener heads, preventing round-off. The set also includes a comprehensive selection of the most commonly used screw bit sizes and shapes, allowing for extra torque when working with tougher fasteners on machinery, vehicles, equipment, and household furniture.

ENHANCED UTILITY - The set comes with several accessories that maximize the use of the sockets and increase their versatility. A 1/4" Universal Joint allows for working with fasteners at difficult angles, while the inclusion of two extension bars and a Flexible Extension Shaft ensures that users can reach even the most difficult places. A sliding T-Bar allows for the maximization of torque, and a Spinner Handle allows for precise adjustments with sockets and screw bits.


• 1/4" Drive Ratchet Handle / Socket Wrench: Hi-Grade CR-V Steel, bi-material handle and 72 teeth mechanism for optimal torque
• 13 x 1/4" Metric Sockets: Sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm
• 21 x 1/4” Socket bits: For use with the ratchet handle and fixtures with various drive points (Slotted/Flat:4, 5.5, 7 PH:1, 2, 3 Pozi:1, 2, 3 Hex: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Torx: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40)
• 3 x Hex keys: Handy for car, cycle or home maintenance and repair (1.5, 2, 2.5mm)
• 1/4" Universal Joint: For awkward angles
• 2 x 1/4” Extension Bars: For hard-to-reach fixtures (50mm and 100mm)
• 1/4” 150mm Flexible Extension Shaft: For getting around obstructions
• 1/4" Sliding T-Bar: For creating maximum torque in tight spaces
• 1/4" 150mm Spinner Handle: For making precise and minor adjustments using sockets and bits
• 1/4" Bit Adaptor
• Robust Portable Case: To keep tools safe and secure


-- Automotive Repairs: The high torque resistance and variety of socket sizes make the set ideal for vehicle-related tasks.
-- Industrial Maintenance: The robust construction and versatile range of screw bit sizes cater to various industrial maintenance needs.
-- DIY Projects: The user-friendly design and comprehensive selection of bits make this set an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast.
-- Professional Use: The high-grade materials and precision crafting make this set reliable for professional environments.
-- Home Repairs: The wide range of tools and their versatility make the set perfect for various home repair tasks.

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