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64pc 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" Drive SAE & Metric Socket Set. Includes 6, 8 and 12 Point Sockets.
SKU: DT40427


The extensive 64-piece socket set caters to a wide range of fastening needs with its varied drive sizes of 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Comprising six, eight, and twelve-point sockets, the set offers versatility like no other. The chrome vanadium ratchets and sockets, along with carbon steel components, speak volumes of its robust build and promise to deliver superior performance.

Neatly organized in a heavy-duty blow mold carrying case, this set ensures that the right tool is always within reach. Meeting or exceeding ANSI specifications, these sockets assure quality and reliability. With both SAE and metric measurements, this set can tackle any task at hand.


VERSATILITY AND QUALITY - The selection of most popular socket sizes ensures that no task is too big or small. Whether it's a six-point or a twelve-point fastener, the variety promised by this set makes it a reliable choice for all fastening needs. The robust construction using chrome vanadium and carbon steel guarantees longevity and consistent performance.

ORGANIZATION AND ACCESSIBILITY - The individual organization of the tools in a sturdy carrying case ensures easy access and transportation. The convenience of having the right tool within reach can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency during tasks. Moreover, the assurance that all sockets meet or exceed ANSI specifications adds an extra layer of trust in their quality and reliability.

DIVERSE MEASUREMENTS AND SIZES - Whether one prefers SAE or metric measurements, this set has it covered. The multiple drive sizes ranging from 1/4", 3/8", to 1/2" offer adaptability to various tasks. The inclusion of standard and deep sockets, along with extension bars, caters to a wide array of applications.


•1/4" Drive
• 10 six-point standard sockets (5/32" to 1/2")
• 12 six-point standard sockets (4mm to 13mm)
• 4 six-point deep sockets (1/4" to 11/32")
• 1 extension bar (3")

• 3/8" Drive
• 8 twelve-point standard sockets (7/16" to 13/16")
• 11 twelve-point standard sockets (9mm to 19mm)
• 4 six-point deep sockets (3/8" to 9/16")
• 3 eight-point standard sockets (1/4" to 3/8")
• 1 spark plug socket
• 1 extension bar (3")

• 1/2" Drive
• 6 six-point sockets (1/2" to 7/8")

• All tools are made from vanadium steel with a chrome finish and meet or exceed ANSI specifications.


-- Home Repairs: With a wide selection of socket sizes, this set is perfect for various home repair tasks.
-- Vehicle Maintenance: The range of drive sizes and socket types makes this set ideal for automotive repairs and maintenance.
-- DIY Projects: The versatility of this set makes it a reliable choice for DIY enthusiasts undertaking diverse projects.
-- Professional Use: The robust build and wide selection of sockets make this set a valuable addition to any professional's toolbox.

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