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6pc Pink Home Gardening DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Knee Mat, Secateurs and Gloves
SKU: DT30089


For those with a green thumb, a set of reliable gardening tools is indispensable. This unique kit combines the practicality of solid, highly-polished aluminium tools with the charm of a vibrant pink hue. The selection of essential tools is designed to tackle a variety of gardening tasks, from digging and pruning to planting and potting.

The kit's appeal extends beyond its functionality. Its color-coded design ensures the tools are easily spotted amongst green foliage while adding a touch of joy to garden maintenance tasks. Whether used for personal gardening or gifted to a friend, this kit promises a delightful and efficient gardening experience.


DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Each tool in the kit is designed with the user's comfort in mind. The tools are made from solid, highly-polished aluminium that resists corrosion, ensuring durability. The ergonomic chunky handles ensure a firm grip, reducing the risk of strain during prolonged use. The curved trowel heads are designed to easily break through soil, making tasks like digging and planting a breeze.

PRACTICAL AND STYLISH - The vibrant pink color of the tools not only makes them easy to spot in the garden but also adds a stylish touch to gardening tasks. The gloves included in the kit are lightweight and stretchable, ensuring a comfortable fit. They are made from cotton threads, making them easy to wash after a day of gardening.

GARDENING MADE EASY - The kit includes a pair of secateurs, an indispensable tool for any gardener. They are perfect for snipping, cutting, and pruning woody stems, and deadheading fading flowers. The kit also includes a kneeling board pad, providing comfort for the knees when working amongst flowerbeds for long hours, protecting against stones and rough ground.


• Hand Trowel (300mm): Suitable for planting, weeding, mixing fertiliser, and transferring plants to and from pots.
• Rake (300mm): Ideal for loosening soil, weeding, leveling, and removing dead grass.
• Shears (200mm): Provides excellent leverage and the jaws make light work of branches, bushes, roots, shrubs, flowers, and vines. Equipped with a jaw lock switch for safe storage/transportation.
• Narrow Trowel (300mm): Perfect for weeding and cultivating at greater depth and in confined spaces, such as rockeries and pots.
• Garden Kneeling Pad/Kneeler (400mm200mm/16"8"): Allows for comfortable ground-level work on flower beds and around rockeries.
• Gardening Gloves (Universal Size - 250mm): Designed to keep out dirt and debris while keeping hands safe, warm, and clean during gardening tasks.


-- Digging and Planting: The trowels make it easy to break through the soil for planting seeds or transplanting plants.
-- Pruning: The secateurs are perfect for pruning woody stems and deadheading fading flowers.
-- Soil Loosening: The hand rake is ideal for loosening the soil and removing debris, preparing the ground for planting.
-- Protection from Rough Ground: The kneeling board pad provides a comfortable cushion for the knees when working on rough ground for long hours.
-- Keeping Clean and Comfortable: The gloves protect the hands from dirt while ensuring comfort during gardening tasks.

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