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7pc 3/16 - 1/2" SAE Hollow Shank Nut Driver Set
SKU: DT40344


A comprehensive collection of seven nut drivers offers an effective solution to tightening nuts and bolts. Each tool boasts a chrome-plated hollow 3-inch shaft/shank, designed to accommodate long bolts and studs, making it an ideal choice for most applications.

Precision-machined tips ensure an exact fit, enhancing the ease and efficiency of the task at hand. With hex nut sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1/2", this set provides versatility for various projects, while cushion grip handles promote optimal torque and comfort during use.


PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - This set is designed with precision in mind. The tips of these tools are machined to provide an exact fit, eliminating the hassle of finding the right tool for the job. The set includes a variety of hex nut sizes, ranging from 3/16" to 1/2", ensuring that users have the right tool for any job.

COMFORT AND CONTROL - Comfort is key when it comes to handling tools. The cushion grip handles of these nut drivers are ergonomically designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold. This not only enhances control but also promotes optimal torque, making these tools ideal for any tightening task.

MAGNETIC CONVENIENCE - The convenience of a hollow shaft/shank design is combined with the power of rare-earth magnets. These magnetic tip nut drivers securely hold fasteners in place, enabling one-handed operation. Ideal for driving nuts on long bolt applications, they are also quite handy for many electrical and HVAC/R panels.


• Seven Nut Drivers with Chrome-Plated 3-Inch Shafts/Shanks
• Hex Nut Sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"
• Cushion Grip Handles for Comfort and Control
• Rare-Earth Magnets and Hollow Shaft/Shank Design


-- Ideal for tightening nuts and bolts in automotive repairs, ensuring secure and tight fastenings.
-- Perfect for assembling furniture, providing a range of sizes to accommodate different fittings.
-- Excellent for home improvement projects, offering precision and comfort for prolonged use.
-- Useful in construction projects, providing the necessary torque for heavy-duty applications.
-- Suitable for electrical installations, securely holding fasteners in place for easy operation.

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