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7pc Cr-V Magnetic Tipped Screwdriver Set in a Zipper Bag. Slot/Flat and Phillips Head Sizes
SKU: DT40357


A comprehensive solution for all screwdriving tasks, neatly packaged to meet diverse needs. This set comprises seven meticulously crafted screwdrivers, designed for precision, ease, and ultimate efficiency. Housed in a durable zipper bag, this collection is an essential tool for every craftsman's arsenal.

The array includes both Slot/Flat and Phillips Head types, ensuring readiness for a variety of tasks. Each piece boasts a magnetic tip for secure screw handling, paired with thick, non-slip handles for comfort and control. This set is the perfect blend of functionality and convenience, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


DURABLE DESIGN - Crafted from premium Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V), each screwdriver in this set is built for resilience and longevity. The magnetic tips ensure screws stay securely in place during use, enhancing efficiency and precision on every job.

ERGONOMIC COMFORT - With thick, non-slip grips, these tools offer unmatched comfort and control. The ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue, making it easier to tackle long projects or tight deadlines without discomfort. Plus, the handy hanging holes allow for easy storage.

VERSATILITY AT HAND - Whether it's intricate electronics work or heavy-duty construction tasks, this set’s range of sizes and head types covers it all. The clear plastic window on the fabric zipper bag keeps tools organized and visible, guaranteeing that the right tool is always within reach.


•7pc Screwdriver Set in a Zipper Bag
• 2pc 100mm: SL6; PH6
• 2pc 75mm: SL5; PH5
• 3pc 75mm: SL3; PH3
• 1pc 150mm: PH6


-- Easy Repairs: The precision tips and magnetic feature make it ideal for easily handling small screws in devices.
-- Furniture Assembly: Offers the versatility to assemble a wide range of furniture with ease, ensuring a secure fit every time.
-- Home Improvement Projects: Perfect for various home improvement tasks, from installing light fixtures to tightening cabinet hardware.
-- Automotive Maintenance: The robust build and variety of sizes cater to the needs of automotive enthusiasts for interior and engine bay work.
-- DIY Crafts: A reliable companion for crafting enthusiasts, providing the precision and comfort needed for intricate work.

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