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7pc Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Pliers and Cutters
SKU: DT30063


For those who value the satisfaction of handling their own home repairs and enhancements, a dependable toolset is indispensable. This 7-piece kit is designed with such individuals in mind, combining functionality and durability in a compact package.

Crafted from robust materials, each tool in this set is engineered for a wide range of tasks. From screwdrivers to pliers, the set embodies versatility, allowing users to tackle various DIY projects with confidence and precision.


HANDY AND EFFICIENT - The toolset is more than just an assembly of tools. It is a versatile companion for every DIY enthusiast, ensuring that all common household tasks can be tackled with ease. The set includes screwdrivers ideal for unscrewing household fixtures, diagonal cutters for snipping wires and cables, and combination pliers for gripping, twisting, and turning nuts and bolts.

DURABLE AND ROBUST - Each tool in the set is made from durable materials, promising longevity and reliable performance. Regardless of the task, whether it involves unscrewing, cutting, or gripping, these tools are designed to withstand the rigours of regular use. This feature ensures that users can rely on them for many years, making the set a valuable addition to any toolbox.

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT - Despite housing a variety of tools, the set remains compact and convenient. This design allows for easy storage and transport, making it possible to carry out repairs and enhancements anywhere. The compact size does not compromise the functionality of the tools, ensuring that they remain effective for their intended tasks.


• 3 x Slotted Screwdrivers: Sizes 6x125mm, 3x75mm, 5x100mm, ideal for various household tasks
• 2 x Phillips Screwdrivers: Sizes PH2x100mm, PH1x100mm, perfect for different types of screws
• 1 x Diagonal Cutters: Size 175mm, perfect for snipping wires and cables
• 1 x Combination Pliers: Size 200mm, great for gripping, twisting, and turning nuts and bolts


-- Home Maintenance: The toolset is perfect for general home maintenance tasks, making it an essential addition to any homeowner's tool collection.
-- DIY Projects: With a wide range of tools, the kit is ideal for undertaking various DIY projects.
-- Office Repairs: The compact size of the set makes it suitable for office use, enabling quick and easy fixes.
-- Emergency Fixes: The toolset is handy for emergency fixes, ensuring users are always prepared for any situation.
-- Gift Option: The practicality and versatility of the toolset make it a thoughtful gift for students, new homeowners, or anyone looking to enhance their DIY capabilities.

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