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8pc Home DIY Hand Tools Kit including Adjustable Wrench
SKU: DT30237


A well-rounded tool kit is a necessity in every household and this 8-piece set is designed to cater to most assembly, maintenance, and repair projects one might encounter. Made from durable metal, each tool in this kit offers the ultimate precision, making it ideal for both minor home improvements and more complex DIY projects.

The convenience of storage hasn't been overlooked either. This kit comes neatly organized in a compact, durable plastic carrying case that can easily find a place in your home, apartment, or even the car, ensuring these essential tools are always within arm's reach.


EVERY HOME'S MUST-HAVE: Elevate your DIY game with our 8pc Home DIY Hand Tools Kit, including an Adjustable Wrench. Designed for a broad range of assembly, maintenance, and repair projects, this set is your go-to solution for both simple home improvements and intricate DIY endeavors. Crafted from robust metal for durability, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle any task.

ORGANIZATION MADE EASY: Forget about cluttered drawers and lost tools. This comprehensive kit comes in a compact, sturdy plastic carrying case, making storage and organization a breeze. Whether stashed in your home, apartment, or car, these essential tools are always within reach, ready for whatever project comes your way.

TOOLS FOR EVERY TASK: Inside, you’ll find everything needed for a fully-functional toolkit: An 8" Phillips Head Screwdriver and an 8" Flat Head Screwdriver for all your screwdriving needs; 6.5" Needle Nose Pliers and 6.25" Bull Nose Pliers for precision work in tight spaces; a Box Cutter for exact cuts and much more


• 8" Phillips Head Screwdriver: Ideal for driving and removing Phillips screws.
• 8" Flat Head Screwdriver: Perfect for standard slotted screws.
• 6.5" Needle Nose Pliers: Great for reaching into tight spots.
• 6.25" Bull Nose Pliers: Excellent for gripping, bending, and cutting wires and thin metal.
• Large Box Cutter: For precise cutting tasks.
• 8" Adjustable Wrench: Useful for various tightening and loosening tasks.
• 8 Meters PVC Insulation Tape: Essential for electrical wiring tasks.
• 12-250V Voltage Tester: To safely test the presence of voltage in an electrical device or circuit.


-- Home Repairs: The kit contains all the necessary tools for everyday home repairs, making it a must-have for homeowners.
-- DIY Projects: The array of tools makes this kit ideal for various DIY tasks, from building furniture to creating art installations.
-- Simple Garage Repairs: With tools like the adjustable wrench, this kit is perfect for automotive repairs.
-- Office Maintenance: The compact nature of this set makes it ideal for office use, allowing quick fixes without the need for professional help.
-- Emergency Tasks: The comprehensive nature of this set makes it ideal for unexpected repair tasks.

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