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Eight Factories.
Five Countries.

Everything You Need to DESIGN, MANUFACTURE & GROW Your Hand & Power Tool Brand

OEM/ODM Tool Anchor

OEM/ODM Hand & Power Tool Manufacturer

We Manufacture Your 

Private Label Tool Brand

Diversitech Global is a leading hand & power tool manufacturer specializing in developing innovative private label tool ranges that out-perform national brands.​

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We Are

Diversitech Global

Voted Best Tool Manufacturer in China

Our global network of joint-venture factories have manufactured over 100 million hand & power tools using the latest manufacturing and assembly processes lead by first class chain-supply management. 

      8     Factories

    22   Years in Business

   150   Tool Innovations Yearly

  350    Workers & Staff

2000    + Hand & Power Tools Available 

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Everything You Need to

Ready to GROW Your DIY Tool Revenue? 🛠️

A FREE comprehensive resource for maximizing revenue, beating the competition & dominating the tool industry in 2024 & beyond

  • Extend Your DIY Tool Lines- 2000+ hand & power tool database 

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  • Lower Supplier Costs- FREE Cost Analysis 

  • Discover New Innovations- Automated innovation sourcing to strengthen your offering! 

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Our Commitment to


As consumers increasingly prioritize environmentally-friendly products, we are proud to offer sustainable manufacturing solutions that help our customers meet this demand. Our commitment to clean, recyclable materials ensures that the products our clients offer to their own customers are eco-friendly. Join us in creating a more sustainable future by choosing our environmentally-conscious manufacturing options.

Certified Recycled Materials We Manufacture From:

Ocean Bound Plastics

Algae-Blended Resin

Recycled Stainless Steel
Bio Plastics

Recycled Glass

Exceeding Retail Industry Standards

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Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide

Retailers We've Worked With

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