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Your Tool Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Everything You Need to DESIGN, MANUFACTURE & GROW Your Hand & Power Tool Brand

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OEM/ODM Hand & Power Tool Manufacturer

We Manufacture Your 

Private Label Tool Brand

Diversitech Global is a leading hand & power tool manufacturer specializing in developing innovative private label tool ranges that out-perform national brands.​

  • Extend your tool ranges 

  • Develop a new tool innovation 

  • Grow your DIY tool revenue 

Your Private Label Tool Brand
Hand tool line

Wholesale Tool Supplier

Diversitech Global

Voted Best Tool Manufacturer in China

Our global network of joint-venture factories have manufactured over 100 million hand & power tools using the latest manufacturing and assembly processes lead by first class chain-supply management. 

      8     Factories

    22   Years in Business

   150   Tool Innovations Yearly

  350    Workers & Staff

5000    + Hand & Power Tools Available 

Want to 2X Your DIY Tool Sales?

China Hand Tools Wholesale Supplier

We are a top-ranked hand & power tool manufacturer in China, catering to wholesale tool suppliers and distributors worldwide. With our extensive range of high-quality tools, we are the preferred choice for hand tool suppliers and offer competitive prices to meet your wholesale needs. As one of the leading hand tool manufacturers in China, our commitment to excellence and precision craftsmanship sets us apart. Partner with us, a trusted China hand tool manufacturer, and benefit from our reliable and comprehensive range of tools designed to meet the diverse requirements of industries globally. Contact us today to explore our hand tools wholesale supply and experience the quality and reliability that sets us apart from other China hand tool manufacturers.




Diversitech Sustainability

Our Commitment to


As consumers increasingly prioritize environmentally-friendly products, we are proud to offer sustainable manufacturing solutions that help our customers meet this demand. Our commitment to clean, recyclable materials ensures that the products our clients offer to their own customers are eco-friendly. Join us in creating a more sustainable future by choosing our environmentally-conscious manufacturing options.

Our Certified Recycled Materials:

Ocean Bound Plastics

Algae-Blended Resin

Recycled Stainless Steel
Bio Plastics

Recycled Glass

Exceeding Retail Industry Standards

Global Recycled Standard Label
Ocean Bound Plastic recycling
recycled blended calim satndard
Recycled 100 Claim Standard

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide

Retailers We've Worked With

Walmart logo
Target Logo
Leroy Merlin
carrefour logo
Costco logo
The Home Depot
The Home Depot
  • How to add a line extension for my Amazon tool brand?
    Adding product line extensions is a fantastic way expand your product range and market share. Download our 2000+item product catalogue for some great ideas or just directly contact us for a consultation
  • Can Diversitech Global do small batch manufacturing for my Amazon tool brand?
    Yes, Diversitech Global, with it's 20 years of designing and producing tools, as well as working with certified and established sub-component suppliers is able to offer low minimum order quantities
  • Who is the best wholesaler/supplier of hand & power tools for Amazon sellers?
    You need a business that is intimate with the intricate workings of Amazon FBA. Diversitech Global has well over half a decade's worth of close experience of working within the Amazon platform
  • What type of tools does Diversitech Global manufacture?
    Hand tools, Power Tools and DIY Tool kit set combinations including sustainable gardening items
  • What brands has Diversitech Global worked with in the past?
    Walmart, Target, Leroy Merlin, MidWest, Home Depot, Advanced Auto Parts, Hi-Spec, Apollo Tools are just some of the global brands that have worked with us
  • How does Diversitech Global handle packaging for Amazon sellers?
    Dedicated designers and packaging team not only develops your Visual Identity (VI), but brings it to life in our dedicated packaging facility
  • Can Diversitech Global supply Amazon compliant marketing materials for my tool brand?
    Yes. Everything from graphic designers, photographers, copywriters to Best-in-class marketing experts, PPC advertising specialists & branding strategists
  • What warehousing and logistics options does Diversitech Global offer?
    We hold stock and manage your inventory levels in our warehouses located close to our manufacturing bases and around the world. We offer Inventory Pipeline Management, Warehousing & Consolidation, Freight & Logistical Support
  • Where can I download the latest Diversitech Global’s product brochure?
    Download it here: link to download the product brochure:
  • How long has Diversitech Global been manufacturing for Amazon sellers?
    Diversitech Global has well over have half a decade's worth of close experience of working within the Amazon platform
  • What type of materials do you use to manufacture tools for Amazon sellers?
    Top quality tool steels like Cr-V, HSS, S2 and aircraft grade aluminum. Industrial grade thermoplastics like PP, TPR and ABS
  • Are the tools manufactured by Diversitech Global protected by design patents?
    Yes they are. Diversitech Global holds numerous global combined, figurative, work marks and design patents
  • Does Diversitech Global have a clear and streamlined communication channel?
    Yes, by telephone, email, and messaging apps we are within easy reach with English speaking management, including German and Spanish native speakers
  • What Is the minimum quantity I can order for my Amazon tool line?
    300 Units
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is very easy. Just visit our contact page, fill out your details and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss proceedings.
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