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Diversitech Global India

In June 2024, Diversitech Global India officially opened its headquarters in Ludhiana, India- enabling our customers to seamlessly transition their supply chains to India.

DG India's key responsibilities are the scouting, sourcing, quality assurance as well as organizing the corresponding logistics for all products sourced in the region.


We promise to deliver the same manufacturing experience that we have provided to Fortune 500 clients over the past 22 years.

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What We Do

For retailers accustomed to sourcing from China, Diversitech Global India offers a seamless transition for their supply chains. Our comprehensive services include:

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing1
Scouting & Supplier Development

Scouting & Supplier Development

Scouting & Supplier Development1
Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control




Artwork & Packaging

Artwork & Packaging

Artwork & Packaging1


At Diversitech, we prioritize collaborating with top-tier manufacturers to establish enduring partnerships that consistently provide exceptional value for our clients. 

We carefully source and select factories based on their competence, capacity, and operational standards.

Our team conducts thorough audits of each factory against our compliance guidelines, which encompass our technical, ethical, and environmental standards.

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All products are developed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Rigorous quality standards and product testing procedures guarantee that the final product meets safety regulations, legal requirements, and is suitable for its intended use.

At Diversitech, we prioritize proactive quality management through pre-production problem-solving, emphasizing prevention over correction.

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We guarantee orders are manufactured in accordance with approved samples and delivered on schedule. Following final inspection, we oversee container loading, manage delivery logistics, and handle documentation.

  • Order management

  • Inspection

  • Container loading

  • Shipment

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 We prioritize ethical supplier relationships and fair competition. Our products are sold based on superior quality, functionality, and competitive pricing. We are committed to sustainable development, considering ecology, economy, and social responsibility for future generations.


Our governance framework drives everything we do, ensuring the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality products cherished by customers. Documented in our Operations Manual, this framework includes policies, quality standards, and SOPs, covering all facets of sourcing, development, and delivery.

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We acknowledge the environmental impact of products, from materials to manufacturing and end use. Diversitech Global is dedicated to minimizing this footprint in collaboration with partners, prioritizing quality, performance, and competitiveness.



Simon H.

GM | India Operations

Akbur M..jpg

Akbur M.

Quality Control Manager

Arul H..jpg

Arul H.

Sourcing Manager

Peter Z..jpg

Peter Z.

Head of Product Development

Sunil S..jpg

Sunil S.

Sourcing Specialist


Errol V.

Director of Marketing

Kiko L..jpg

Kiko L.

Logistics Manager


Everything you need to manufacture DIY tools in India

DG India form

Why are DIY tool brands & retailers shifting manufacturing to India?

Trade tensions & heavy tariffs on Chines-made goods are destroying profit margins. DIY tool brands & retailers who fail to transition will soon find themselves outpriced by Indian-manufactured DIY tools.


Here's how YOU can begin:

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide to DIY tool manufacturing in India

Get a FREE Consultation with our India team for easy transition to India supply chain

Receive monthly DIY tool innovations exclusively manufactured in India

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*Other customization options available

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